Saturday, September 10, 2005


what is up with these thunderstorms?

my internet connection died and we ran out of dvds to watch so i ended up in my bed with a book and a cup of honey.

didn't go for charlie and the chocolate factory yesterday so ended up going this afternoon.

these are the weirdest movie tickets i've ever seen. the second one isn't even printed properly and the first one says that that price of the tickets is $0.00. the wilbur wonka bits were weird, but i didnt expect them to follow the book anyway. it was pretty good otherwise, kept me entertained. johnny depp fit the part soooo well, weird actor to fit weird character. whee :D

saw the preview for harry potter and the goblet of fire, definitely going to catch it when it comes out.

was on chapel street the whole day with my sister looking for a present for my mom. its so difficult finding something she'd like and not criticize. settled for rose bath salts from jurlique seeing as how she has the new jacuzzi in her bathroom and everything.

the shop lady couldn't wrap the bottle for me (whatt?!) but she said she could put it in a nice paper bag and tie a ribbon around it. so tada!!

my sister's still looking for her 'perfect' present. she's deciding between a jigsaw top and a pair of midas heels. like i said, shopping for my mum is difficult :P

hur hur. went to pancake parlour to reward ourselves. it's sooo fucking pricey but damn the ice cream sodas there are really good :P


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