Friday, September 09, 2005

somebody's missing a parrot

okie. i think i'm finally done with the whole teen angst thing.


or was it PMS? i can never be sure these days.

lol anyway, i apologize to the people that have to had to bear the brunt of my whinging and whining and complaining and constant bad moods and snapping at everyone. special thanks to the people who saw me on wednesday and told me i looked like shit. i love you guys too :P grumpy/bitchy me is going away now and happy me is coming back and hopefully here to stay for a bit :P
going to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tonight. (finally!) just the thing to cheer me up eh? a show about chocolate. (Max Brenner craving. noooooooooooo)
blah. if only everything could be resolved in a mood swing.


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