Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Job woes

i wonder why i have this tendency to pick courses that have limited or no job options at all. okie so maybe the Bachelor of Arts has a wider scope than the Bachelor of Biotech but still! having all those choices is really not doing me any favours. i'm probably the most indecisive person on earth. should i go into advertising? PR? communications? editing?

i went through the jobs section in the classifieds today just for the fun of it and i didn't find a single job there that i would go for. there were all these science jobs (that i still wouldn't go for, they're not for graduates, mostly for diploma/SPM holders) but there were no jobs saying 'Applicant must have a Bachelor of Arts from a certifiable instituition'.

i'm running out of ideas of where to intern during summer this year. so far all i've got in mind are Harpers Bazaar and Prudential. even then i'm not sure if i can get in. i need to work on my resume before i can apply for those firms too and so far all i have is work experience in hospitals which is of no relation whatsoever to what i'm doing nowwww. *stomp*

i bet i'm the only person my age that worries about employment.

on a brighter note. mom is taking me shopping for my birthday pressie. still haven't decided between the omega and the tag yet though.

indecisive me.


Blogger Wen said...

happy post birtday! :) ur same age as meeeeeeeeeeee :D

12:27 AM  

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