Saturday, September 24, 2005

My Nephew's Wedding

i made a mistake in the previous post when i said cousin's wedding. after some thinking i realised that the guy getting married was actually my nephew (his mom is my cousin). it was only when i got there that my mom told me that the bride was already pregnant and that in 9 months time, i shall be grand aunt.



there were like 80 odd tables, my mom told me that they brought 3 busloads of people from my dad's kampung. even the chef that cooked the humongous dinner was from my dad's kampung. haha so funny, dunno how much they had to pay the guy to persuade him to travel 2 hours and cook a dinner for 800++ people.

anyway :P sigh it was one of those typical chinese dinners, wasn't much fun until the drinking started. they had really funny entertainment like this guy with a funny yellow costume and a yellow mohawk thingie

eyuck. wonder what he was thinking when he put that on.

sigh as usual, as with all other Ong family dinners, there was lots and lots of drinking. bottles of brandy and whisky floating around. all the old men started proposing toasts to the most ridiculous things after they started getting high, people started stumbling around with red faces and the karoke machine on the stage was tested to it's limit. sigh.

kids: alcohol is NOT good. it fucks up your liver. haha :P

everyone's glass on the table was tainted with at least SOME whisky/brandy. i couldn't escape. my nephew made me down some (good thing my sister had mixed it with 7up first :D)

sigh and as usual, when people get drunk, there is drunken dancing.

it got even worse when they invited people to get up on the stage to dance..

i assure u that it's only my dad's side of the family that is this bad. my mom's side canNOT take alcohol at all and usually derive entertainment from other sources :P *shrug* nobody's family is perfect :P

my sister doesn't like the taste of brandy very much. haha this was before my drunken nephew spilt some brandy on her VERY expensive balenciaga and she got all angry and upset at him. i would be too. the purple dye started coming off the bag.

lol. lesson #2 in this post: it's not good to carry really expensive bags around to dinners like these. haw haw :P

ah. dear old daddy doing the pouring.

woohoo! toast! to what? i dont know. it sure wasnt to the happy couple though. they were all too far gone for that at this point.

haha i cannot imagine how many people woke up this morning with hangovers, must be at least three quarters of the people that were there. yep. we're a very merry family :D


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