Monday, September 26, 2005


this post was originally meant to be about twitch but i found something else interesting to blog about too :P

so! had a really REALLY nice dinner with 'bottom feeding' uncle tonight. first of all, he's not my real uncle, second of all, i really dislike him. why do i call him bottom feeding? cause he's in insurance. no i'm kidding really. insurance people have their own place in the world. without them there'd be nobody to bother you about spending on something that they try to convince you is a necessity but it's really not, without them CSI would never have a motive for husband A killing himself so wife A could claim the insurance money...

i digress.

the REAL reason i call him 'bottom feeding' is cause...well, he really is! he's the type of person that hangs around people he deems to be 'rich, powerful and well connected', trying to gain a reputation by hanging around them, trying to get to know more of these kinds of people so he can rise up on the social ladder. he's the type of person that took up golf so he could hang out with the above sorts of people, and now at the dinner table all he does is spout stories about how his golf has tremendously improved and he's beating the most skilled of players. he's the type of person that hangs out with my dad because my dad always pays for the meal and brings the wine, he never even offers to get the bill because he knows, no matter what, my father will motion the waiter to bring the bill to him.

bottom feeder no?

anyway. back to twitch! it seems the grumpy cat has come down with a skin infection and has recently acquired a bald spot. tee hee!

see that patch on his back?

well it looks even worser up close :S

poor dear. he was super affectionate when i went over for some reason (he usually avoids me like the plague). he came up to me and rubbed against my legs and didnt protest when justin's mom moved the chair closer to her and picked him up.

sigh i hate to admit it but twitch is actually pretty cute. EVERYBODY HOPE HIS SKIN INFECTION GETS BETTER!


Anonymous Tiffany said...

*grins* My cats get affectionate when they're wounded or hurt too. Sigh, they can be such vulnerable creatures sometimes :P The bald spot will go away really quickly, just like how it went away real fast for a few of my cats last time. In the mean time, enjoy Twitch's manjaness XP

3:49 AM  
Blogger Ally said...

eh? ur cats had the same infection? what is it?? justins mom is really worried cause she thinks it might pass to us while we're handling him >.<

2:09 PM  
Anonymous Tiffany said...

I dunno? I never took them to the vet and they healed within a week or two. o_O Maybe Twitch is eating too much salty food so he's molting. :P Might be a tick/flea bite that got bad? I'm really not sure. :X

5:59 PM  
Blogger Ally said...

i'm not so sure about the molting bit :S if he was then it wouldn't just be one big patch, it'd be all over instead *god forbid*

they've got some cream to rub into him and stuff. hopefully he'll be better within a week or two like u said :P

6:37 PM  

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