Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My mother is odd.

When i'm talking to relatives/family friends and i jokingly mention that i'm being FORCED to do an internship over summer, she gives me a look and vehemently denies it in front of them.

And the next day she'll chastise me for saying that, when we both know it's true.

When i'm washing the toilet, she'll come in and pick up a brush/sponge and wash it with me while telling me i cant wash the toilet properly so she'd better do it anyway.

And then later, she'll say YOU NEVER DO ANYTHING AROUND THE HOUSE! and when i say, i didn't ask you to wash the toilet with me what! she'll give me a look that quite eloquently speaks of death if i continue, because she knows that i really didn't ask for her help.

When i'm busy doing something (ie, typing up a cover letter to send in for my internship) she'll insist on bringing out all the bills to settle so i'll put down what i'm doing and go talk to her. And if i dont, she'll get angry and irritated and tell me to sit my butt down next to her.

And then later when i act impatient when she's being particularly slow about something, she'll say AIYAH IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO DO GO DO IT FIRST LAH! By this point, i'll be so exasperated i'll actually pull a muscle rolling my eyes.

When relatives/family friends are talking about how their own children have boyfriends/girlfriends, she'll laugh and say 'oh how nice! so grown up already ah?'

Then the minute dinner is over, she'll turn to me and say 'aiyoh, those people ah, boyfriend girlfriend, not mature yet, how to have boyfriend girlfriend? finish studies only then have boyfriend girlfriend mah!'


my mother is odd.


Blogger mooiness said...

All moms are like that - their own children are different from others, so can say one thing to u and another to others.

As for the last bit, I so can relate to that. Do or not do also die. The solution: don't be in their presence! Hahahaha...meant that in jest of course. :)

9:36 PM  
Anonymous Tiffany said...

Sounds a lot like my mom/dad.. annoying, isn't it. That's why I try not to talk to my parents *too* much these days. Only brings about more nonsense..

1:54 AM  

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