Monday, January 30, 2006

Gong Xi Fatt Chai!!

Happy CNY everyoneeeeee :)

am over my foul mood now. munched on quite a few cookies before that happened but now my throat is protesting quite strongly because of the way it was treated :(

went back to my dad's village for CNY again which was more fun this year for some reason.

it's a fishing village by the sea and the car ride there is usually quite stinky cause we have to pass the sea (normally when its at low tide)

making yong tau foo kampung style haha

sunset at the seaside :)

hee :) its one of the prettier views i've seen in the village for a while

sigh as usual, the adults started drinking quite early.

lol even the kids got sick of it

we actually stayed in a pretty nice hotel this time, it had a killer pool but my dad conveniently forgot to tell us that there was one so we didn't bring our bikinis.

sigh doesnt it look really nice? :( it was sooo bloody hot, the pool looked freaking inviting.

lol my cousin brought his new dog over, apparently someone gave it to him because it's the Year of the Dog or something.


it looks like a black and white mop lol

if it was mine, i'd name it MOP. or scruffy. or fluff. whatever. anything but nikko.

eyugh i always look terrible in photos. darn you photogenic people.

hahaha my cousin the barbarian.

in case anyone was wondering, thats a piece of fish he's holding.

but even barbarians have enough common sense to offer their wives a bite.

very VERY drunken adults. they started signing and dancing after this.

sigh one last picture of the dog.

okay i'm off to munch on more cookies now :) have a really good holiday everyone! hope everyone gets lots of ang pau!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

the people that need to fuck off and leave me alone

i'm sick of having to apologize for who i am, for being born into the family that i was.

i acknowledge i'm of a privileged background, i also acknowledge a hell of lot of other people aren't.
unlike the other rich pompous asses you class me with, i am aware of societies problems, i'm not doing international relations for nothing.

but while i'm here, i intend to make the best of it. if you insist on calling yourselves underprivileged or not so privileged, you don't know the first THING about being underprivileged. you have a roof over your head, you or someone in your family pulls in a 6 figure sum each year, you have food for dinner every night.
you want underprivileged, visit squatters. or a third world country where 95% of the children starve and do not have the same 'PRIVILEGES' you do.
if you insist i treat you different because of some class wall that you see, you would be wrong. i was not brought up with that kind of arrogance.
you see class as a barrier between us, i dont see the problem.
i grew up with so called people like you. i went to school with them. i'm still friends with them today. they don't have a problem with me, why the hell should you?
if you are jealous of the type of lifestyle i maintain, don't be. you don't know the first half of working to achieve what my father has.
screw you. my father worked his butt off to get to where he is right now. what the fuck did you and yours do? and what gives you the right to complain or take it out on me?

Thursday, January 26, 2006


has been completely shit for many MANY reasons.
because it involves work and i believe in blogging responsibly, i shall save my comments about the working environment for later. like when i finish my internship.
there will be complaints.

but in a bid to be more optimistic, i'm going to blog about the highlights of my day :D

first, there was this super big grumpugg (grumpy + ugly = grumpugg) who despite being seriously cute, perpetually looks like someone's stepping on his tail.

but of course, i'd be grumpy too if i was moulting.

and then there was lunch with justin. and us making silly faces in the car.

hurf. i realise i look somewhat like a pig.

but justin looks like an idiot so we're even lol.

ooh and i haven't had the chance to show off my new toy :)

isn't it real pretty?

i got home and remembered that we have a huge amount of CNY cookies in the larder yet to be eaten :D

and then me and my sister started baking :)

forgot that the cookies would melt so much and ended up with joint cookies.

the end result was a bit flat but really nyummy :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

thats the reason i'm so sick of love songs so tired of tears

work today was absolutely exhausting.

went with Debbie to film CNY stuff, ended up in SJKC Puay Chai, someone's house in Kelana
Jaya (they had a ragdoll cat!) and One Utama.
to that lady who was really pissy to me after we took your photo, well if u didnt want it to be used THEN DONT POSE FOR US IN THE FIRST PLACE.
anyway, was looking through some old photos on our computer and stumbled across the wedding files. i actually discovered some candid shots that i've never seen before from other

me and my family the night before the wedding. aiee. how dopey did we look.

during dinner.

i will find the person who took this photo. and he will pay.

happy! ang pow!

lol it was 9am and i was already tired. i think i was falling asleep against the chair actually.

lol wanna know what i was amused about?

these idiots.

they were doing push ups. without their underwear on. singing 'i'll make love to you' by Boys 2 Men.
okay. thats it for now peeps. off to bed for meee!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Man United 1 - Liverpool 0

perfect start to the day.

now if you will excuse me, i'm off to do the conga.

yes, in the middle of the office.


Sunday, January 22, 2006


came across a post about Chinese horoscopes and outta pure curiosity, looked into mine.

so apparently i'm a Fire Tiger (phwoar how cool does that sound!). bracketed are my comments :P

horoscope taken from [here]

(i don't think this word is hu?! dammit i'm supposed to be learning chinese!)

Tiger people are sympathetic, kind, emotional, and sensitive. At movies, they can cry their eyes out! (this would be true) Despite their kindness, they can be extremely short-tempered. The rage of Tigers is terrible to behold (i'm definitely short tempered but TERRIBLE to behold?) but it also gives them the adrenaline needed for the sublimest of bravery.
The Tiger is also a deep thinker and can make the most astonishing intellectual connections, with great mental agility. (BWAHAHAHHAHHHAHA em what?) On the negative side, they tend to be suspicious and a bit self-centered, selfish, and indecisive. (everyone needs vices ok) Above everything, however, the Tiger stands as a supreme emblem of protection over human life, admirable always. (HEAR THAT! ADMIRABLE!)

Soup and Oolong Tea are among the keys to good health. (and that was completely random)

You see the Fire Tiger across the room, making a very dramatic entrance. Suddenly you are mesmerized by the eloquent eyebrows, yes, eyebrows, of that very vital face. So expressive, this face is positively on fire! (em. i have short eyebrows. hardly impressive)
Wait a bit longer and you will be caught up in hearing laughter that goes right through the bones and catches you up in it. The Fire Tiger is a thrilling person to know, full of enthusiasm for every aspect of life, optimistic to the core. (OVERLY optimistic i think justin calls me..)
Even cloudy days are seen for what they are, simply vibrant grays on the verge of exploding into sunshine. Fire Tigers are leaders in the best sense of the word, honest and fair with everyone. They love being boss. (OI YOU BUAT APA GET OFF UR LAZY ASS RIGHT NOW)
Fire Tigers get over any financial difficulties they might encounter very quickly. Although they might not possess great fortunes, they certainly enjoy comforting financial security throughout their lives. (*snicker* yeah, financial security that at the moment comes in the form of ang pau)
The Charismatic Fire Tiger is full of charisma and has no trouble attracting love and finding lasting relationships. This Tiger loves to play and is enlivened by sensuality and passion. To know Fire Tigers is to love Fire Tigers. (cliche much?)

However, since the Tiger is essentially a symbol of masculinity and virility, the Chinese tend to distrust women born in the Tiger year, (EXCUSE ME?) although doubtless the personality would be to the fore of the Feminist Movement today. (me? fore of a feminist movement? don't expect me to go bra burning anytime soon ok)
humpf. okay. so this was abt 75% accurate.
dads gonna get me my new phone later. i was just telling sister number 2 that getting a new phone below RM1k doesn't excite me as much and she gasped and called me materialistic. well, surprise surprise! ish.
memoirs of a geisha tonight finally!

the thing i hate abt teenage type relationships...

or non relationships.

or maybe not even relationships cause really! the idea of me and him is crazy at best.

why is it when the guy gets all broken hearted, everyone immediately rushes to his defense and assumes that the girl was being overly harsh?? when REALLY the guy was acting completely weird!
of course i wouldn't be asking that question if i was in that position but seriously.
i accept that you feel rejected and hurt but acting like a complete nut and calling ME immature and then trying to guilt me into talking to you is just gonna make me avoid you even more.
trying to act like everything is NORMAL is not okay with me. if you wanna admit you like me, be a man and face the consequences after.
don't make it my fault everything is weird now. you did this, you fix it.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

another winter day has come and gone away...

and i'm surrounded a million people
i still feel alone, let me go home
oh i miss you you know

ok apparently being stuck in my sister's shop with a Michael Buble CD playing has adverse effects on my music tastes.
am wondering which Taratata accessory i should take home, since my sister has so kindly offered to give me something. so far, i've narrowed it down to...

this pair of earrings


this bracelet...


this pair of earrings.

decisions decisions

ooh and i pudgalise to the people using IE because i know my sidebar's been pushed all the way to the bottom of the page.


hur hur

HAH :D dad has so kindly offered to buy me a new phone and i saw this pretty one in the newspapers today and it was an instant crush :D

pretty no? :D


ok, why do guys honestly insist on making things complicated.

there should be an unwritten rule that once u know a girl for more than a year, you can't ask her out or have any feelings for her whatsoever.
there has to be a limit to such persistence right? i mean, there's only so many rejected and unanswered calls before someone gets the hint RIGHT?
i dont like persistence, it's really not an endearing trait for me. once you get past a certain point, i consider the guy stalker like and if he goes beyond that, i actually get physically nauseous.
now everythings just gonna be completely weird within the group of friends. like omg. seriously.
why do guys like making things complicated.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


its nice to know your parents have faith in you.

one probably just hopes she never had a third kid in the first place.
the other one won't even trust me with a kitten.
all the fuzzy things in the world probably wouldn't make me feel any better right now. but maybe i'd settle for these ones.

Monday, January 16, 2006


the Nokia N71 has been added to my gadget wishlist.

anybody going to Europe? it's like 400 Euros there, heaps cheaper than what it'll be when it comes out here!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

so that's that

because i'm embarassing to him when trying to make friends with his friends.
because i don't try to make friends with his friends.
because he always has to 'protect' me from my social faux pas (refer above)
because i don't see that he's making an effort.
because i'm not making an effort.
because when he tries to keep a lie from me, its okay for him to do.
because when he lies, and i can't trust him, it's my fault.
because i don't like being pushed aside for 'everything else'
because i 'always become like this' when we have serious problems.
because my hair sucks.
because my clothes suck.
because i use too many swear words in a conversation.
because my parents are nazis and i can't do anything abt getting them to loosen up.

yay. me me me.

nothing to see here folks. i'm just your regular fucking screw up.

a couple of days from now, i'm gonna wake up and realise how emotionally pathetic this post is and take it down. till then, everyone's free to wallow in my misery.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Relationship blues

the whole emo thing is so fucking beyond me at the moment lar.

i think losing the trust is the worst thing that can happen to a couple, that compounded with complacency, plain boorishness and one sided affection really could be my breaking point.

disillusionment is a bitch.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

i'm alive i'm alive...

waha aren't i just the queen of overdue updates :)

New Years in Singapore was great (and on that note: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE), had fun shopping with Andrea and my sister on Orchard.
bought 3 pairs of shoes, a pair of 3/4 pants and 4 tops. didn't do much damage to the wallet though, sales there are amazing!
the job is still fun fun fun and not in a sarcarstic way either.
dad took the camera charger so i am pictureless :( so dont hold your virtual breath waiting for more updates yet!
hope everyone's having a great summer!