Wednesday, August 31, 2005

3 things i realised in politics tutorial today

  1. The whole world is being led around the nose by a man that looks amazingly like a chimpanzee and there's nothing anyone can do about it because he is in control of THE superpower of the world.
  2. Today is Independence Day in Malaysia. Upon this realization i promptly drew a Malaysian flag in my notebook much to the amusement of my (Malaysian) tute mates. HAPPY MERDEKA EVERYONE!!!
  3. I have an essay on the clash of civilisations due Monday. I'm quite possibly screwed seeing as how i dont understand how to make Huntington's article wrap around the issue of terrorism. Anybody care to help?

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


which might really be the best way to sum up my day. Effing winds were so strong that it took me double the time to get anywhere. you'd start off in one direction and end up walking sideways from there. Then there was the effing tram that broke down this morning, forcing me to walk from Melbourne Central up to uni. On the way there i stepped into a pothole and rolled my ankle.
ffft. i should've stayed in bed today. then i probably wouldn't have ended up with a sore ankle and hair that looks like its been blown in three hundred different directions. hmpf.

Monday, August 29, 2005


was rather upset after an argument with my mom so i made brownies...again.

anyway melbourne was all sunny again this afternoon :D it's the only place in the world where u go out all bundled up in the morning and in the afternoon u can go out looking like this:

yes. so vanity struck. bite me.


oh yah. forgot to add. am going back to Malaysia in September so i get to spend my birthday with Justin :D down side is I dont think I have any friends that are gonna be there to celebrate it with me. but oh well :) Justin should suffice! yay!


he better have a nice birthday planned for me.

Sunday, August 28, 2005


tell me this isn't effing funny!!!!!!! i've got tears in my eyes from laughing at this looolllll!!!!
oof. i've got a stitch in my side and i still can't stop laughing. *ROFL*
hahahaha cheers wennie :D

Friday, August 26, 2005


Global Politics essay done with just 70 words over the word limit (very good thing, i'm normally heaps over or heaps under).

the bad news is that i have another essay due next monday which i have yet to get started on AND my second essay question for Global Politics has just been published on Webraft.


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Here's a million dollar question...

why do Australian guys like patting each other on the bum so much?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

you WILL respect my authority!

blah. Tuesday lecture days are always boring. but today managed to be interesting anyway. okie. the 3 highlights of my day :P

1) my politics lecture did an imitation of Eric Cartman today. he was talking about sovereignty and he said something about the absolute authority of the state and then he did an Eric Cartman on us and said (in the Cartman voice and everything) 'YOU WILL RESPECT MY AUTHORITY!'

he managed to wake up everyone who was sleeping and managed to get ME to pay attention which is nothing short of amazing. hats off to him!

2) these things (see below) attacked Union House today:

i'm not kidding about the boobs that are sagging down to her waist. IT was a 6 blue foot mascot with purple polka dots, really long nails and hair and IT had MOP hair. aieee. we were too petrified to get out of our seats in case we were attacked by IT after we saw IT grabbing a boy and humping him.

too bad i didnt bring my camera today. otherwise i could've shown u guys how really scary it was.

3) my mom called. well. its not a big deal. only she's starting to pressure me on where i'm going with my degree and what i'm gonna do when i get outta uni. nobody in the familys majored in International Relations/Political Science (does anybody know how to say that in Hokkien?) so i guess she gets kind of stressed out when one of my aunts asks her about what i'm gonna do after i graduate.

i hate Chinese relatives. they're always so competitive and pat kua and they dont accept anything other than a Science/Law/Medicine/Commerce/Engineering degree as being worthwhile. it's really hard sometimes not to turn around and say 'so! what level of education did YOU get up to again???' it gets even more difficult when half your Singaporean cousins have done 'useful' degrees like Law and Biomedical Science and ur being compared to them ALL the fucking time.

being in uni just seems so pointless sometimes. endless assignments and stressing about grades and classes for a piece of paper that seems meaningless to everyone else. blah. chocolate + ice cream time.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Hello everyone, my name is Alison and i am a nail biter

it's a disgusting habit, i know. but i can't stop, i've been doing it since i was maybe 8? it's so frustrating cause everywhere i look people have pretty French manicured fingers, perfectly shaped and filed and my nails have been bitten down to (very ugly) stubs with no hope of ever growing out into nails that i can even shape.
almost everyone i know has come up with various methods to get me to stop, among them being
  1. putting disgusting tasting nail polish stuff on my nails. blah. this was mostly my sister. she tried to do the same to my brother in law (painting his nails) but yep. didn't work. for either of us. haha :D
  2. whacking me whenever i start to bite. ouch. but it didnt stop me anyway.
  3. putting scotch tape/band aids on my nails and not letting me take them off until i stop biting with the logic that once i see how ugly it is to have stuff perpetually all over it, i'd stop. it worked for about three minutes. then i ripped it all off.

i've come to the conclusion that unless there is a Nail Biters Anonymous out there with a super tough nail biting diet program, i'm not going to stop biting my nails any time soon. i realised, however, that i only bite my nails when i'm reading, the result being the nails on my right hand are bitten and the ones on my left aren't, cause i usually hold books with my left hand.

i think i'll put myself on a strict no-reading month just so i can grow out my nails for vanity's sake. then i'll be like those girls with the beautifully shaped/filed nails which are perfectly French manicured and will be able to attract any guy i want into doing anything i want :D

ahiak. u think my lecturers/tutors will take that as an excuse as to why i haven't done the reading for my assignments? *on that note, i really should get going on the readings for my Global Politics essay*

i'm procrastinating. thats why i've got a whole post on my nail biting problem. yep. off to work now. sigh.


i dont know who to smack over the head more lor. Alonso who overtook Montoya or Montoya ran wide on the turn and let Alonso overtake him or Monteiro who made Montoya spin off the track and lose time to Alonso.
either way, McLaren's been denied another 1-2 finish and i'm quite miffed. it looked like a pretty straight win until Monteiro decided to be stupid. oh well. shit happens? i don't know. i'm still pissed off. it should have been a straight McLaren victory!
first victory at the Istanbul track to a McLaren though so i guess that balances the miffed-ness a bit.
whee! pretty exciting race really :) not regretting staying up for it.
did i mention i looooove Kimi Raikonnen?? :D

Sunday, August 21, 2005


sinju bit another dog.


yes yes dogs bite each other all the time but sinju actually managed to put this one in the ICU (this one, by the way, was a daschund mix something) and my step sister had to foot the bill which came up to a whopping $1200. the other lady said she wouldn't press charges on condition that sinju wears a muzzle everytime she walks him in the park now.

but just look at that face!!!! it's so cute it's so incapable of hurting anything!

blah. poor sinju.

maybe he feels sorry now.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

relationships and the lot

'well its simple, you say i love you when u want to go home with someone and when it gets messy u say i dont love you anymore'

watching Bewitched (on my new tv and dvd player!!!) and heard that from michael caine, couldn't stop laughing because that's really how it is.

(sorry, couldn't resist showing off, but its soooooo pretty and silver isn't it????)

relationships are really funny that way. you can end up being friends with a girl you've hated (although u've never officially met her) and find out that she's actually a very nice person (yes dear, stop gloating) and that you dont have anything to hold against her in the first place. all that really stood in your way and hers was a very nasty ex boyfriend.

you find that people you think you're friends with stab you in the back and not believe you when you tell them things they don't want to hear. it's a situation you never expect to be in, to see someone forego friendship for a boy she's known barely a year.

it's funny how you can end up with someone you never expected to, you look back seven years and you think how unlikely it is that you're going out with this person and yet for some reason, you are. it's funny how you think some couples that are gonna last forever dont, and some that just weren't meant to be together, stay together for four years and are still going.

yep :) life is funny that way. like these funny coloured mnms. i've never seen blue and purple ones before. when did they come up with these colours?????

Friday, August 19, 2005



even birds are getting more love than me.

Thursday, August 18, 2005


haha look what i found!

squishthefatcat in benglish!

the post about my dad turned a bit off though :S i wouldn't call my dad a chao chee bye even in benglish. lol, anyway [this] is the original site! still think the funniest translations are on tiffie's site :D

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

new stuff!


we just called home and the maid said everyone was busy. was wondering why and my dad got on the phone and said that he just got his new BMW 7 Series. everyone at home's busy admiring it outside. i wanna be there tooo :(

anyway! my dad said we could get a new TV too! my sister claimed this DVD player from Flybuys and apparently our TV is so old that there's no port in it for the DVD player (thats how old it is) so we called dad and he agreed that we could buy a new one.

YAY!!! i absolutely adore new stuff!

Monday, August 15, 2005


because i fucking miss him

Bloody brilliant.


so. it's been slightly less than 2 hours since the boyfriend has left and the house is significantly cleaner. the toilet's have been cleaned, carpets vacuumed and the floors mopped. i've also managed to pay all my bills and email my tutor which i've been meaning to do for the past 4 days or so.

yup. i'm the kind of person that tries to keep busy (usually by cleaning) when i'm upset/not-so-happy about something.

i can see the scenario 10 years from now while i'm staying with Justin. he'll come home, see a large pile of dishes in the sink and me flipping channels on the tv. he'll look at me speculatively for a minute and say something like 'Hey dear, guess what? The company's going to send me overseas for a month with [insert name of hot colleague here] and we're going to stay together in a room in a hotel for the entire time!'

i'd probably jump off the sofa, run to the sink and scrub the dishes so furiously i can see my face in them while questioning him about this 'trip'. and then when i've finished the last dish in that enormous pile, he'll give me a sheepish grin and say something like, 'ur soooooo gullible u know that?' and then dodge out of the way while i attempt to castrate him with the kitchen knife.

"ally is..."

got this from jason:

okay. this is what ur meant to do
  • go to google
  • type in "[yourname] is" (with quotation marks)
  • hit search
  • pick 5 results!
(again, the result of complete boredom...)

  1. Ally is "a person who is the member of the..." as important as it is to define what an Ally is in a positive sense
  2. An Ally is a member of a majority group who works to end oppression in his or her..." an Ally is an advocate when the oppressed group is absent by...
  3. Becoming an Ally is a process. Being an Ally is more than being a friend
  4. The success of the show and the "connection" that Ally is able to make with the American...What is not clear to me is if Ally is a critique or a model of...
  5. But Ally is so neurotic.
haha. i think the fifth one is my favourite.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Tiny Teddies!!

whee! pretty picture of the sky today. looks so pillowy!

anyway. can you believe that justin has never had tiny teddies???? >:O

you people in the UK are deprived. tiny teddies are the best things on earth. but since none of u know what tiny teddies are and are probably going 'huh???' at this point, i'll introduce u to them!

a 500g pack of caramel tiny teddies! :D yum!

meet the teddy bears!


Silly! u cant really see it's tongue sticking out though :S

Hungry bear


ANGRY >:( grrrr.

and last of all...


sigh. u know im bored when i take pictures of teddy bear biscuits. lol but at least i kept you guys entertained for 5 minutes right? :D


although i still don't believe justin has never had tiny teddies before!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Random update

I have a 3000 word Creative Writing folio due at the end of the semester. I know it's a bit far away but i have to start thinking about what i'm going to write about. It can be on any topic I want. Any suggestions?

Justin's going back to KL on Monday, for some reason i'm not as upset as I was the last time he left cause it's only gonna be a month till i see him again. Plus, it's time to get started on readings + assignments that i've been neglecting since he got here :)

Was abnormally good this week, have been to (almost) all my classes this week. Skipped Creative Writing lecture again, Tony Birch is a bitch, I hate sitting for his lectures, they're not only boring but they reek of his overblown ego. So what if you've published some books lar, fuck off, if they were any good you would have made millions and wouldn't be lecturing 400 students in a university.

I promise there'll be a photo update soon but I haven't been anywhere interesting recently, ergo the lack of updates. We were meant to have gone to the zoo but we keep putting it off. Have yum cha with Justin's cousin tomorrow, which means another day in the city. Should cut down on spending though, perpetually short of cash.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Spotted: Giant Orange Condom

The Giant Orange Condom makes another appearance outside the State Library.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Sloth :(

i haven't quite gotten out of holiday mood yet. it's quite disturbing.

the number of classes i've missed since term started are beginning to rack up, it's really quite bad. in my first week, i missed 2 Chinese classes, in my second week back, i missed 1 Chinese Class, one Creative Writing tute and 3 lectures.

cross your fingers i'll attend all my tutes & lectures this week. i really need to get my brain back into work mode, i'm even lacking in Chinese which was my best class last semester.


ooh :) on a happy note


Sunday, August 07, 2005

How much is that dogggie in the window?

whee! guess what the first cute thing we saw this morning was!

okie. in this case its more of much is that doggie on the truck. but poor thing! stuck there while his owner's doing...something else :P

PUPPY WARS! grrooowwfff. nip. nip. yelp!

okie. basically whats happening is all the other puppies are trying to get the brown one...

cocker spaniels! they were pretty nippy at each other too :S

stupid Jack Russel refused to look at the camera

okie so this isn't a dog but hell it was cute

sigh. this dog just screams 'BUY ME'

Saturday, August 06, 2005

In the Fish Bowl

wheee! justin stayed over last night and i couldn't get up for class in time this morning (again) and we were starveedd so we decided to go down chapel to chapellis for breakfast.


my hot chocolate with marshmellows!

justin's boring flat white...

sigh. my boyfriend the nerd. he even has to read the Financial Review over brekkie.

WOOHOO! BREAKFAST! hash browns, sausage, toast, sunny side up eggs, bacon..mmm..

MY breakfast. haha so typical right, pancakes with icing sugar, maple syrup and ice cream..

wheee! what we had for brekkie. the big breakfast plate, my stack of pancakes and an additional short stack in case justin got hungry...which he did.

after that we went to the city and decided to walk off our brekkie along southbank! ended up near crown.

hee hee! the cute fountain in front of crown...

justin dared me to run across it...*rolls eyes*

some young boy dared though...

Melbourne highrise buildings! :D

we decided to go to the melbourne aquarium which was justtt across the river! (some of the photos are a bit blurry cause its hard to take pictures of fish, they perpetually move around the tank...they're not as cooperative as zoo animals who POSE)

actually we'd been planning the trip since the last time he came but it kept getting put off for some reason or other...

the first thing we saw when we walked in...

ominous yah?

mr. hermit crab surprised by the flash. don't think i was meant to use one...oops

funny looking....mollusc? i dont know what this is :S

beeeeeeg bluee....lobster?

hahaha i'm really bad with fish/aqua organism names :D

Murray Cod! it looks so big and...EWWWWW...

justin in the observation tank! hahahah so fun, u got to crawl under the fish tanks and stick ur head in the globe thingies


Mr. Happy Fish! (so named because he wiggled his fins around a lot)


dodofish lined up at the bottom of the tank (no thats not their real name...)

water dragon!

shark? eel? fish? I DON'T KNOW!

heelllooo :D

Spot the Sting Ray.

JELLY FISH!! wheee!! little nippers

more jellyfish!

annndd again :D i like this jellyfish picture the best :D

big. blue. UGLY. fish. ewwww.

the Hyundai 'Finn'. its actually a Hyundai Getz which they turned into an aquarium, u can see the little fishes through the car windows. cool huh??

ribbon eeel!

smiley faced sting ray!! soooo cute

our only NICE photo at the aquarium. dammit. justin looks like he's a friggin gangster with that haircut.

and speaking of gangsters. justin with 2 sharks. (think finding nemo)

feeding time in the fish bowl! can see the divers and the ginormous sting ray...didn't manage to get a photo of the shark that could extend it's jaws. sscaaarry.

had a lot more photos but got really lazy to upload them, its already 1am and i have jewellery class again tomorrow morning. justin's moving in tomorrow! yay!

night everyone!