Saturday, July 30, 2005

Chocolate by the Bald Man!

today was a pretty good day, early morning start aside. got dragged outta bed at 9 to go for jewellery class (groan groan). it was super boring for the first 2 hours or so but when we got to make bracelets, it became fun :D

:D our copper bracelets that me and my sister made

new bootsies new bootsies :D

went to the amal's place after jewellery class and then walked down to the city cause the trams weren't working down Bourke Street.

hahahah its amazing the pretty buildings u see out of the city

amal and aqilah at an ATM :D aren't they cuuteee?

me and qil on the tram :D


we were walking in melbourne central and we saw 'The Original Lolly Store'. cute window display eh?

recognise the plushies? they're all from madagascar!

me and mal!

me and qil :D

if you are in melbourne and have not yet tried 'chocolate by the bald man' (a.k.a. Max Brenner), RUN dont walk there now. (running will probably take off the calories you're about to put on.

'Chocolate by the Bald Man'

Amal had the Belgian waffles...they were soooo gorgeous with ice cream :D

qilah had the chocolate croissant...

Mal's white mocha. mmmmmm :)

my danish chocolate drink. that thingie u see sticking out of it is toffee. sigh :) absolutely brilliant

anyway...i came home about 7 something and guess what i sawwww!! :D

KRISPY kREMEEEE!! my sister's friend must've brought them back from sydney :D

12 glazed donuts. mmmmmmmmmmmmm. 8 seconds in the microwave to pure bliss!!!

Friday, July 29, 2005

Dangly thingies in cars...

didnt go for class against this morning :D woke up about 12, did some work (don't worry, this will only last about a week or so...) but anyway! went to bridge road again to shop mainly because my sister was whining about the pair of cargo pants she wanted from jeans west. but anyway! guess what i found!!!!!!!


okie ur probably going, whats so special about a pair of suede boots?

guess how much they were?


$45!!!! they were such a steal. i can't believe i found a pair of suede boots for $45!!!!!!! they normally cost like $200!!! AUUGHH!!! :D

i'm super duper happy with my purchase. it really made my day!!

anyway! was bored in the parking lot in Freedom waiting for my sister so i started taking pictures of random dangly things.

like 'Sam the Giraffe' in my sisters car!

and some dangly thingie i saw in the next car, i think its a cat, a turtle...and something else :S

sigh :) happiness.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

oh mah god.

today i went to bridge road and happened to see a pair of size 8 jeans that i liked. i went to try them on and guess what?


they fucking couldn't button.


like omgwtfbbq. i never NOT fit into size 8. i possibly don't fit into a size 6 but i always fit into a size 8. i am shocked. completely shocked. i felt like just stamping the pair of jeans until it frigging died.

needless to say i rushed into the next shop, grabbed the first size 8 jeans i saw and tried them on the dressing room. thank GOD i fit into them.

fucking stupid jeans. DIE.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

floooof booblies :D

hahahah guess what, the dish washer stuffed up and this is what happened:


hahah tried to draw the devondale cow...probably doesn't look as good as the real thing though

sigh, this is what happens when my sister comes back to melbourne. our larder gets stuffed and there's always something to eat

went back to MLC just now for a bit but didn't manage to take any pictures of my old boarding school :( will definitely be going back there sometime soon, glenferrie road has changed so much since i was last there! went to see if they needed ESL/Maths tutors, i felt so old when i walked in there and there was this huge tiddeman house poster with my face on it...sigh. and i looked fat too.

i hate having a round face. i always look so fat in photos. hmpf.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


whee :D okie, new blog! i'm still playing around with the template (am quite bad with html) so bear with me while it goes through it's ugly phases! took these photos in KL, this is a tester post, i promise i'll be posting more frequently soon!

cuute kitty!!!! on a trash receptacle no less. and its by omgmedia too :D

see those tiny specks on the beeg building? guess what they are!

WINDOW WASHERS. how dangerous is that..they're like dangling god knows how many feet in the air...

MORE EVIL TWITCH PICS! look how friggin fat he is...

hee hee! me and justin in chillis, had dinner there on friday with jer wei and may yee!