Wednesday, April 26, 2006

lookie what i found!

eberybardee post ur fortunes!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

assignments assignments

i spent the whole day in the State library yesterday researching Italian politics.

for some reason i found the motivation to get my ass outta bed and stay in there until i had at least 3/4 of my essay done.

after this 2000 word essay, i have a 1500 word economics one due.

and then its bliss for one week before i get stressed and worked up about exams.

aaaaagh :(

Saturday, April 22, 2006

happy birthdays!

my sisters birthdays fall like within 2 days of each other but this is like the first time in ages that we've celebrated as a family.

we went to zipangu in shang hotel.

my food was pretty good but my dad and uncle were complaining that their beef being too tough. tsk tsk. just goes to show that even 'good' restaurants screw up.

that plus they served us black sesame ice cream cause they ran outta green tea. definite no-no in my book.

the cake looks really good right? its supposed to be mint.

truthfully, it tasted shit. it's the worth birthday cake i've ever tasted. it tasted a bit like meat :/

but of course, we didnt know that when they were blowing out the candles.

and of course, the requisite family photo.

my dad was complaining he looked enormous ahhahahaha. i think he's getting paranoid about his belly cause people have been telling him he's put on weight and stuff.

all in all, the food was good (except for the black sesame ice cream, tough beef and yucky cake).

i dont believe my sister's are a year older already. sigh. reminds me that i'm getting older too.

Friday, April 21, 2006

housewife tomkitten? :/

'Suri' makes me think of like suri rumah.

so from now on, i'll forever think of tom cruise's and katie holmes's baby to be a housewife with a tudung. *snicker*

apparently it comes from some Hebrew name or something but [israeli people have never even heard of the word]
going to zipangu in shang for dinner tonight! yay!

everybody loves a conspiracy theory

its a long video but its quite worth the watch.

[September 11th Conspiracy Theory]

what do you believe?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

my 2 favourite things about home

do not include bittergourd.

i'm still sore about that.

anyway. my 2 favourite things are shoes and haircuts just cause its way to cheaper to get them here than in Melbourne.

bought a pair of flats from Vincci and saw another pair in the catalogue that i will go hunting for soon.

took an inch and a half off my hair today. the guy was telling me that i should keep long hair which is probably another way of telling me i'm getting really boring cause i always ask him for the same thing.

think tank. should i do something drastic with my hair again.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


i love being home.

what i dont like is bitter gourd soup.

i'm going to have this super foul taste in my mouth for the rest of the night.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

guess who's back!

okay well duh, me.

konked out for about half the plane ride as a result of last night.

went to some club asian night easter thingo (was quite cool, all u had to do was bring an easter egg for entry) and EVERYONE was there. people from sri kl, mc and mlc and they were all hanging out together.

there were so many things going on the whole time. people keeping score of how many chicks they scored *rolls eyes*, there was this like relationship triangle thing going on and the guy spent quite a bit of time glowering at the girl, i swear i spent a quarter of my time in the club snickering at the people who were attempting (note the emphasis) to dance, it got even funnier when they were drunk.

there were tequila shots, bourbon and coke on the table, baileys and champagne on the house (thanks to gav :D), drunk people puking in the toilets, some guy put his hand around my stomach as i walked past him and then gave me a really creepy wave when i turned to stare at him in disbelief. and then he turned out to be some promoter at the club and Gav knew him, how embarassing.

it was amazing, i didnt spend any money at all clubbing last night :D

i'm quite glad i decided to go, it was easily the most fun night i've had in some time :)

anyway. after that it was a not-so-sober walk to chillipadi with the whole group where we hung out until about 530 then took a cab home.

couldn't really sleep until about 8 and i was due to leave for the airport at 1230 so yeah i was quite stoned.

nothing is better than the affirmation that single life can be quite fun after all :)

yes well anyway. my easter break will be time for me to settle down and finish the pile of assignments i have waiting for me in my suitcase.

booyah :D

Thursday, April 13, 2006

the hardest thing

about finality is just that. finality.

letting go of 2 years of memories is hard, but at this time i feel like that just has to be done.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


my dad is coming tomorrow so i've been thrown into a cleaning frenzy.

so far i've vacuumed the house, cleaned the outside toilet and washed the sheets. i have yet to get rid of the clean pile of laundry sitting on my other bed and the dirty pile thats sitting in the laundry basket.

i can just imagine what he's going to say when he walks in the door already...

'girl ah! how can you like like this?!'

parental visits are so annoying.

off to uni to hand in my assignment!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

mid sem stress

was told by 4 seperate people today that i looked completely shitty. thanks alot.

i finished my assignment at 4.30am last night and for the first time in a week i felt so relieved.

it means that tonight i can finally sleep without worrying about it.

assignment aside.

i dont know how to put what i'm feeling into words. i guess i'm disappointed at the things that could have been and hurt that i could have been so badly misinterpreted.

so maybe thats only my side of the story, maybe just maybe i havent exactly been the best of all girlfriends. maybe its time to take a step back and take stock on whether we should cut our losses before the situation deteriorates any further.

i love my friends for standing by me even though they're aware they have no objectivity in the matter.

you once told me that all relationships come to a natural end. is this ours?

Sunday, April 09, 2006


ally [t-rex] says:

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uayjdfaskbajfbauyfd says:
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ally [t-rex] says:
jfaisjefiehacuibicjaosiufoec :S

uayjdfaskbajfbauyfd says:

ally [t-rex] says:

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uayjdfaskbajfbauyfd says:

lol okay so that was random. but this is why i love my friends.

Bic Runga - Sway

don't stray, dont ever go away
i should be much too smart for this
you know it gets the better of me
sometimes when you and i collide
i fall into an ocean of you
pull me out in time dont let me drown
let me down
i say its all because of you
and here i go, losing my control
i'm practicing ur name so i can say it to ur face
it doesnt seem right to look you in the eye
let all the things u mean to me
come tumbling out my mouth
indeed its time i'll tell you why
i say its infinitely true
say you'll stay, dont come and go like you do
sway my way yeah i need to know all about you
and there's no cure and no way to be sure
my everythings turned inside out
instilling so much doubt
it makes me so tired i feel so uninspired
my head is battling with my heart
all logic has been torn apart
and now it all turns sour
come sweeten every afternoon
its time to tell you why, i say its infinitely true


ahh, the good ol' boarding house days.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

sometimes it's nice

to know that there are always people looking out for you :)

talking about pets misbehaving, shinju chewed up my Vincci slippers today.

i left them by the doorway for ten minutes and when i come back they're gone. at first i thought i left them outside so i opened the door to check but after 1 minute i started to fear the worst.

sure enough, there it was lying on his favourite cushion, all mangled and chewed.

my poor poor Vincci slipper.

i tried smacking him but he wasn't even in the least bit remorseful! he just curled up and went back to sleep.

stupid dog.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Grand Prix 2006

stupid bruises on knees. pfft.

okie. now that we've got that outta the way, here are the very delayed Grand Prix pics!

whee! i love the big balloon thingie, its so cute.

there were so many things happening, the most exciting was probably the RAF plane that kept zooming over our heads but it was going way too fast for me to get a pic of it.

haha Ferrari fans all dressed up in Trojan helmets.

too bad both Ferrari's crashed out *snicker*

managed to take some shots of the cars zooming by :D

after the race we went out onto the track and saw people picking up pieces of Jensen Button's car that crashed like 2 minutes earlier.

it was so crowded at the pits, there were like siao langs trying to climb the fence to get to the drivers

tried to stand as tall as possible to get a glimpse of Raikonnen at the McLaren pits but no such luck :(

arnold took the second photo which explains why it sucks lalalala :P

lol yup thats all i have for now, its a pretty sad collection i know. kinda regretting not taking more but oh well.
dinner now!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

the perfect day for emo songs

*rummages for boys II men CD*

why didn't someone tell me it was gonna be raining today? or freezing?

would've worn and extra jumper. possibly even brought an umbrella.

everyone turned up at tute looking like they just stepped outta the shower.

at times like this i wish i had a furry animal to cuddle when i came home.

teehee :) how cute does twitch look in the photo?

Monday, April 03, 2006

when ur getting mindfucked

you can do either of two things:

a) run
b) play the game

weighing my options so photos are delayed.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


weekend is almost over and i'm glad it finished in spectacular fashion!

this year's Grand Prix was FANTASTIC, i'm so glad i decided to go instead of sitting it out!

a total of 9 cars crashed out this year, among them being the 2 Ferraris (which makes it the first time since 1995 that both Ferrari's havent finished a Grand Prix), 2 BMW's and 1 McLaren.

i'm quite upset that Raikonnen did not manage to overtake Alonso on the track but at least he managed to get on the podium.

more updates + pictures tomorrow!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

it was the perfect start to the weekend

afternoon out at max brenner with the boys, pancakes at pancake parlour and a movie at Jam Factory.

who knew i was gonna end up sporting 2 spectacular bruises on my knees and being half scared to death?

*cue dramatic music*

so i was walking along the roads on chapel and it was rainy so everything was slippery.

we were crossing a junction and i didnt even realise i had slipped and fallen on my knees in front of a car.

the car didn't realise that i had fallen and continued moving (pretty slowly otherwise the story would have had a different ending) right into my butt.

the driver was still on his P license and there were coppers opposite the road so he was pretty scared, stuck his head outta the window and checked whether i was okay and everything but he didnt exactly get DOWN.

and that, was how i ended up with swollen knees (the right ones marginally worse than the left)

*end dramatic music*

i was quite distraught about the whole incident, not because i was physically hurt or anything, i was really glad that the car wasn't just zooming outta the junction.

i was more emotionally unstable (f that's the right term) and really scared cause i kept thinking like what if the car hadn't stopped or what if it had been moving faster, i probably wouldve ended up with more injuries.

ended up at home with ice packs on both my knees but that didnt seem to help the swelling or the bruising.

they felt okay when i got outta bed this morning but then i started walking and dood, i'm not looking forward to growing old and having joint aches man. it felt like my entire leg was throbbing just cause of the bruises on each one.

on a happier note, V for Vendetta was a really good show :) my only complaint is that there wasn't a cute guy in it (superficial superficial me) but i completely fell in love with it otherwise!

i can't wait for ice age 2 to come out, i swear its gonna be hilarious.

aight gonna ice my knees more and hope that the bruise doesnt get any more colourful tomorrow! nights!