Thursday, June 29, 2006


finally caught Tokyo Drift with Mas in One U last night.

had fun catching up and bitching bout current love lives (or non love lives whatever)

have been trying to download the soundtrack all day but limewire isn't working grr.

spent most of the movie drooling over Lucas Black and looking away when a car crashed/scratched/got blown up.

then in the spirit of the show, Mas chased a Mini Cooper out of the parking lot (pretty carr waiit for meee pretty car!!)

we were hoping the driver was cute but sigh turned out to be this high forehead round faced guy who caught us staring at him.


lol Mas's car broke down on the way to my place so we were stuck outside the bomba station for about an hour while 4 boys fiddled about with the car arguing over whether it was a battery problem or whether the car was simply lacking fuel.


me, mas and her dad's Waja apparently not a good combination.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


never thought i'd say this but...

i feel a tad bit sorry for Australia.

they all looked so broken hearted after the penalty kick.

they played a pretty good game too.

oh well. someone had to lose.

Monday, June 26, 2006

yay david beckham!

so what do you do when you need to pee really badly when the match is getting good?

you start hopping from one foot to the other, much to the alarm/amusement of your sister's soon-to-be-husband.
england are through :D

Friday, June 23, 2006

let's recap shall we?

  • exam is in roughly 4 hours and i'm still only about half prepared for my paper. good thing this shit isn't a hurdle requirement otherwise i'll have another thing to worry about over winter break.

  • i failed my hazard perception (twice) and therefore will not be sitting for my driving test until after next semester starts. yes yes. i can see quite a few people laughing it up.

  • i have to go home tomorrow and the house is dirty. which means that after my exam today i get to bring out the vacuum cleaner and toilet brush instead of going to sleep. whoopee.

  • had my chinese oral presentation yesterday only i can't tell how it went. examiners told me it was 'very good' after i was finished but apparently they said that to everybody? damn you Chinese tutors, why cant you be honest.

  • after today, i will FINALLY be done with exams. so no more ranting until results come out :D

  • it's 10.20 and i'm hungry. SOMEBODY GET ME FOOD.

  • ...on another note, i'll be having neelas in less than 48 hours. now to think about who to bug when my flight lands :D

Sunday, June 18, 2006

study session

drove to Desmonds place today by myself!


went to pick Arnold up from the city after. he slid into the front seat then looked around carefully, then...

"this is good, i dont see any blood on the car"

mah chee bye. why does everyone think i'm a bad driver?!


was studying for my Chinese paper pretty much the whole afternoon with Des and Loey.

sat down for 3 whole hours to do grammar which was bloody tiring.

Dez after an hour of studying. still damn semangat man, can smile all

unlike Loey who was crashed on the floor looking like he was going to fall asleep

and then there was me, not too happy cause i had to wake up at 12 the day after i had a paper but smiling nonetheless.

incidentally, these are the same people i'm going to China with at the end of the year. should be fun :)

one of our main sources of distraction:


tell me thats not a fucking cute pug. reminds me of the one from MIB :D

all our notes after the 2nd hour.

there's a huge box of cookies in the middle that was gone by the time we were done studying haha.

after stuffing our brain with useless Chinese idioms and phrases, we decided to unwind by watching 'Fearless' with Jet Li in it.

according to Loey it was a good way to get ourselves in the mood to do our Chinese paper.


didn't work :(

Thursday, June 15, 2006

lacking concentration

paper tomorrow is really bugging me out.

i'm not grasping the actual issues that i need to understand, the 'hints' that my lecturer gave us (that seemed really generous at the time) seem really broad.

couldnt he have narrowed it down further?! :(

if i dont get this done by 130, i'm not gonna be able to watch the England/TrinidadandTobago match :(




has anyone seen the Nike ads for this World Cup season by the way?

i know its annoying to post videos and whatnot on blogs but its SO good, everyone has to watch it!

[okie i just tried to post the youtube thingie but it doesnt work so ill just leave you guys with the link]


this is the second in a series of 2 ads, the first one is longer and makes the old man more annoying.


Tuesday, June 13, 2006


get over it already.

watching sports in Australia when an Australian team is playing gets annoying sometimes.

the commentators are always really biased.

if the referee has conceeded Japan's 26th minute goal, there's nothing you can do about it so shut up and stop saying things like 'after that controversial 26th minute goal' or 'the Socceroos are playing brilliantly, the referee is losing control of the game'



the England-Paraguay match was a bit iffy, England was playing like shit and it was quite disappointing that they won because of an own goal.

i support England until they get kicked out. and then i pick between Brazil and France.

like most Malaysians. haha.


my Australian Foreign Relations paper went really well, hopefully good enough for a H2A?

might jinx it so won't say more.

dad took a 4 day trip here and gave me some extra cash so decided to do a bit of destressing after Friday's paper.

sales are on everyyywhere, its sooo hard not to shop :(

ended up buying a pair of skinnys on Friday in grey.

on Saturday, went all the way to Nunawading to check out the Converse warehouse after i got my hair done.

according to arnold, i'm now cool.

because he only ever wears Converse.


its so coupley to wear the same type of shoes :/

on the way to dinner.

hahaha i think i look fucking weird but you can actually see my highlights so oh well :D

went down to Deakin to hand in Arnold's assignment.

cheebye doesn't have exams so he's free to watch all the late World Cup matches while the rest of us have to slog through mountains of readings.

weathers turned all bitchy.

come to think of it, i need a new winter coat but argh


plus have to study for Friday's exam.

West European Politics is a bitch of a paper so don't expect too many more updates.

Friday, June 09, 2006

T Minus 12 Hours...

the funny thing is i actually like Australian Foreign Relations as a subject.

so i should be fine tomorrow.




finished up my chapter on China just now and decided to go shower.

turned on the hot water full blast since its bloody freezing cold outside and seriously contemplated staying in there for at least half an hour.

hot water ran out after 20 minutes.

bloody hell. even the bloody shower won't let me procrastinate.

Monday, June 05, 2006

1 down 4 to go

microecons sucked shit.

i spent quite a bit of time kicking myself for not paying attention to tutorial work and quite a bit of time staring at the ceiling (and i dont mean that metaphorically, anyone who's been in the REB will know why i was so distracted)

i hate talking to people when i get out of the exam hall.

it usually goes something like this:

'eh so how'd you go?'
'okayla not too bad i guess'
'really ah? but there wasn't enough time to complete the paper! and you know ah, question C3 i forgot to subtract the marginal cost from the total payoff and then calculated the Nash equilibria wrongly but i get consequential marks right? and then for the question about price discrimination, i think bundling the 3 prices would have been better but i'm not sure cause i didnt know how to do the calculations!!! what did you get?'


okay what is the point of stressing out after u've done the exam??

midnight trip to chris's place last night (or should i say this morning) cause it was his 21st.

birthday boy!

bugger threw up after downing bacardi and coke. wuss.

got other pictures but lazy lah.

gonna go drown my sorrows in ice cream and peanut butter instead.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

releasing stress...

pre exam retail therapy.


Thursday, June 01, 2006



4 more days till microecons paper.

think i might just kill myself before then.

mum called yesterday and the first thing she does is ask me about my winter break.

my first thought was 'hai lat liao...i bet she's gonna make me go back'

and sure enough, my return ticket has been booked for the 24th of june. sigh.

i wanted to throw a hissy fit quite badly cause we'd previously discussed it and she said it was okay for me not to go back for winter as long as i did in september. but i think my mums quite lonely at home and 2 weeks at home won't be so bad i guess?

it'll probably be mostly wedding planning and dress fittings. i'll probably have fun being caught up in all that so no point making such a big fuss.

what really bugs me is how selfish my mum is sometimes, its like i dont have my own life to lead, anytime she wants me to do something i just have to do it with no question. i guarantee a huge argument with her when i'm back in KL.


i was really looking forward to winter break too :(