Friday, March 31, 2006

enlighten me

pray tell, which boyfriend gets angry when his girlfriend professes insecurities?

now doesnt that make you feel all warm and cuddly??

Thursday, March 30, 2006


okay, smallville just started with some naked chick with really huge boobs using her hands to bang the hood of this truck so it flips over.

i'm disturbed.

but that really wasn't the point of my post.

so there's this china trip at the end of the year with the uni and i'm seriously considering on going. it's a month at Tsinghua University in Beijing under a really intensive Chinese program.

i think the point of the whole trip is so that us students get to immerse ourselves in China and force us to speak the language in everyday life.

it sounds really fun and all and i'm sure it'll be really beneficial and all but i'm not sure whether i really wanna go.

well, actually i'm about 60-40 on whether i wanna go.

my parents are quite keen on me going. actually i haven't asked my dad yet but i'm sure he'll be great about it cause my dads usually great on anything :D and my mom quite likes the idea of me experiencing China that way.

most of the biggest doubts i had about going are being resolved. small shit like me having my own bathroom in the dormitory there, whether there's internet (but still no blogspot), whether i'll be able to leave from KL instead of Melbourne to save my parents the extra 3k ringgit it'll take to fly back to Melbourne.

only one major problem remains but yeah i'm trying to solve that now.

i just wish summer could be longer so i could spend more time in KL.

the month in China will be really mad though, i can buy DVDs until they start spilling outta my ears, i can shop until fake LV, Chanel, Gucci and whatnot come spilling outta my butt...

okay, really gross mental picture.

but anyway, i know it'll be a really good experience.

then how come i'm still not sure whether i should go? :/

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


*tears at hair*

i'm going nuts.

i have found the new bane of my existence. goodbye chemistry, hello microeconomics.


have monstrous headache courtesy of blasted heat outside.

microeconomics is due tomorrow and i'm only halfway done. apparently new years resolution (do not procrastinate) has not been fulfilled.

nap. or work. nap. or work.


Monday, March 27, 2006

super crunchy peanut butter

whoever invented peanut butter is a genius.

it doesnt work until you can feel the stuff moving down into your thighs.

if i were anorexic bullimic (ehem thanks yan) i'd have my finger down my throat right now.

don't mind me. wonky hormones and all.
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Saturday, March 25, 2006

strawberry picking and alpacas

went to Sunny Ridge in Mornington Peninsula today to do some strawberry picking :D

we were meant to leave melbourne at like 1045 but ended up leaving around 12 instead so ended up there at 1 (just in time for lunch haha)

i remember reading a book once about a boy who bought a carton of fresh strawberries and ate them all without washing them and then died like 2 days after that of polio cause they were fertilised with horse manure.

ever since then i've been religious about washing my strawberries.

this sign didn't help my paranoia much either.

but then i saw this...

wahh :D


soooo many strawberries to pick :D

spent a very happy half an hour in the field picking the reddest, sweetest looking strawberries.

even the insects and the strawberry juice spattering all over my feet didnt bother me :D

nyeh nyeh :D

they all actually taste really sweet too :D

while we were up there bought my sister some liquer for her birthday and some freshly made jam for my mum to bring back in april.

after picking strawberries we were gonna head back to the city but then we passed by the Red Hill country fair so we decided to stop by.

one of the main attractions there was alpacas


they were sooo many in different colours and different hair lengths!

si beh smelly i tell u...

eeeeeee :D scratchy alpaca!!

the other brown one behind him was trying to hide from my camera. everytime i whipped it out it hid behind the light brown and white ones.

we stayed around and watched this guy shearing a sheep as well

the sheep was scared to death of the shaver so he stayed quite still while the guy sheared off all the wool

walked around some more and saw this event where they were making dogs jump a 3 feet wall.

i kid you not.


grr stupid man in straw hat moved in the way of my camera. but check out the dog clearing the log wall!

stayed around a bit more to catch the 'Grand Parade' which turned out to be nothing but cows, horses and sheep being led around an oval.

finally headed back to melbourne :D

first thing we did was dig into the strawberries!

even shinju wanted some but he didnt get any lol

awww :)

Friday, March 24, 2006


okay who watches the Biggest Loser here in Melbourne?

and who thinks that the sounds that the contestants make when they're exercising are extremely indecent?!

all the sweating (which isnt a sound but anyway), grunting, groaning and moaning.

was on the phone with my mum when the show was on.

'girl ah, what show you watching har?'
'some show where they put all these fat people on an exercise thingie lar!'
'you dont go watch all these funny funny show ah i tell you'


*rolls eyes*

'yah okay mum, i'm so gonna be watching porn when i'm on the phone with YOU'

teehee :P

didnt exactly say that of course, mom probably would've taken the next flight to Melbourne or something drastic like that.

right. off to dinner :)

Thursday, March 23, 2006


the weekend is hereeee!!

*does the conga*

overheard in uni today:

'omg you like have MAN BOOBS! can you like move your pectorals?!'

'yeah i can!'


Wednesday, March 22, 2006


i probably should've gotten started on all this shit earlier.

have a chinese oral presentation tomorrow on the most ridiculous topic ever and a microeconomics test which i'm bound to fail, all due tomorrow.

spent a large bit of last night stressing about what i'm going to do when i (finally) get out of uni.

some fleeting part of me is wishing i was in commerce so at least i'd know what companies i'd be aiming to apply for.

what does one do with an international studies major?

i'm sick of hearing the whole 'oh its such a broad major, u can do anything with it' answer. been parrotting that off when my rellies ask me about what i plan to do when i graduate.

i dont even know what i'm suited for!!!!


will stay home today to study and prepare for above said assignments.

must. not. touch. TV.

Monday, March 20, 2006

alllll alone

i feel like doing a Bridget Jones.

u know, sitting in my living room with a hugee box of chocolates, a huuugee box of tissues, watching a sappy movie and singing ALLL BYYY MYYYYYSELLFFF on the top of my lungs.

went to the city yesterday, it was soooooo packed :/

apparently there are 90,000 extra people in Melbourne now, i think all of them were in Federation Square on Sunday afternoon.

eeek. having to walk through all that would have been hell.

so we turned back in the direction of Melbourne Central and caught the train home rofl.

stopped by at Myer first to look at the people living in the display windows.

my photo taking skills suck so there's like a white line of light across all the display windows i took.

rofl, the guy making lunch. sushi if i'm not mistaken.

okay one more picture before i go mope and attempt to work on my Chinese :)

Mars Bar cake with ice cream at Angelucci's.

have some photos on Michelle's camera of the group of us. will get those later.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Let the Games begin!

apparently the opening ceremony was really great, i wouldn't know, i went to bed early that night :/

did however manage to catch most of the events today on TV. Singapore got it's ass kicked so bad in swimming bah.

the trams in the city have been sooo packed by some really dodgy tourists. if they aren't looking for Victoria Market, they have really lost looks on their faces while looking at maps upside down.


some really perverted old guy stood next to me while i was sitting down on a tram and pushed his crotch towards my face. i tried to shift away but he moved closer.

i was like thinking OMGWTF GOOOO AWAYYY but went 'excuuuuse me' really loudly instead.

ugh. looks like Malaysia isn't the only place for perverted guys :/

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The eternal struggle



Friday, March 10, 2006

For the male readers of this blog...

so most of the times everyone complains that i'm wayyy bitchy about every other girl's looks.

i've been asked quite a few times exactly who i think is hot, and my answer is always the same.

Stephanie Chai.

when i say her name, i usually get quite a few blank looks which i think is quite a shame because she's a Malaysian model and a really good looking one at that.

i've actually seen her in person when i was on a Star assignment early this year and she looks exactly like she does in her photos which is a way plus for me cause i hate people who rely on camera angles and photoshop to look great.

so without further ado...

sorry last photo is a bit grainy :P

nooo moree shopping spreees

yah right.

i am one seriously very happy camper right now, went Bridge Rd shopping with May and found some really great buys :)

so we'll start with my biggest (and bestest) buy first!

Miss Sixty boots :D

(Damage: $55)

they're really nice and comfy and great for stomping around.

Indian belly dancer type shirt

(Damage: $5)

I KNOW!!! can u believe it?! i found a really gorgeous top for 5 bucks!

woohoo! the problem is that the bottom part of the top is transparent, ergo i look like a slut when i wear it by itself.

so i bought something to counteract that problem :D

Black Camisole

(Damage: $10)

hah been looking for one of these for aages. very happy i finally found one.

Gothic type lacey skirt.

(Damage: $5)

teehee. my sis almost killed me when she found out how much the skirt cost.

i can't find a top to go with the skirt as yet though. will have to work on that.

Victorian High Collared shirt thing.

(Damage: $29)

in EVERY shop we went to i saw one of these shirts, so i decided to nip into one of the shops and get it too.

i'm like a fashion sheep. baaa.

no i haven't suddenly gone butch.

bought 2 polos for my brother in law cause he trusts my *cough* impeccable taste :D

shopping high!! wheee!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

u know what i hate?

okay i'm taking a break from my OC induced stupor to say that

i hate people on trains who step on ur toes and then DONT FUCKING BOTHER APOLOGIZING.

manners please?!


i had the worst tram ride on earth yesterday. i think the tram driver was on sleeping pills or something, he kept stopping at every traffic light and he moved soooo slowly, a 25 minute tram ride from Flinders Street station to Melbourne U took 40 minutes and i was very late for class as a result.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


lack of updates because of...

ze butt is already glued to ze couch :D

Saturday, March 04, 2006


i think it's the curse of having single eyelids.

no matter how much makeup you have on, it doesn't look that way at all.

oh well. off to play matchmaker tonight. hope everyone else is having a fun saturday night :)

Friday, March 03, 2006


I'm grateful for the friends i have who keep me on track.

I'm grateful for the little things i have right now that remind me not to regret past decisions.

I'm grateful for the sun, i'm grateful for the moon, i'm grateful for the grass...

screw that.

today was superbly hot.

think i sunburnt my toes.

was with Arnold pretty much the whole day. got back after dinner and soaked myself in the shower for about half an hour to get off all the grime and sweat. ugh.

rest now. tutoring tomorrow at Monash.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

uni update

it's been pretty fun so far.

have attended all my classes save on lecture which i thought wasn't on in first week so that doesn't really count :P

i have almost no complaints about my lecturers this year, my microeco one actually encourages student participation during lectures and gives out like bars of chocolate to people who answers questions so he's by the far the best in my book at the moment.

the worst would have to be my AFR lecturer who sounds like a broken record when he speaks. that and AFR lectures are in the afternoons and everyone's usually sleepy by then. i literally fell asleep for a couple of seconds in my seat before my head jerked.

went for dance sport today in union with loey! the tango and the foxtrot are really complicated so we've decided that we're gonna stick with swing or hip hop this semester instead.

have ALMOST seen everyone back here, caught up with lysh, wen and may today. ahem. on that note, i've never seen wen so excited to pick up a phone call, nearly tripping over a chair in the process and then blushing furiously after.


i swear he's hiding things from me. but no worries. i'll find out what it is :D

amount of readings has been piling steadily so i ought to go get started on that soon.