Wednesday, November 30, 2005

it is my firm opinion

that annoying people should be hung upside down by their toes and have smelly socks stuffed in their mouth.

then maybe they wont annoy me so much.

like, honestly? just like fuck off.

on second thought. maybe smelly socks aren't enough. smelly UNDERWEAR would be more like it.


my moms in another one of those moods where she's just going on and on about nonsensical things. wish i could stuff smelly underwear in her mouth too. i think hanging her upside down by her toes might be too much though.

Insurance is like...

predicting your own death...

i despise insurance people because i think they're generally conmen (and women) but because of my internship i was forced to get out a policy.

accidental death and permanent disablement?!

felt a bit scared when i saw the cover note. its like i' m expecting an injury or something.

was initially planning to stay at home and watch CSI

but got dragged out so went shopping with my mom and sis today in Bangsar. finally visited the Cats Whiskers there and bought two tops, shall pimp them later bwahahahha! :D

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

what is the point?

so much going on in Malaysia lately.

bribery, naked girl in a lockup, more corruption.

i think i have become one of those people who reads those articles and shakes my head and says 'how terrible' but am never moved enough to do something or get fully enraged about it.

i simply think 'well, thats the way malaysia works. we will never change the system'. and then i think about how terrible a thought like that is and feel ashamed even though some part of me knows its the truth. sadly, most of everyone in our country is like that.

they are happy earning their salary every month, making just enough to pay the bills and buy necessities with a little leftover for indulgence. students are blissfully oblivious to the fact that they are prevented by law to participate in any political discussions but go around day to day, the girls stressing about how well their miniskirts go with their heels and the boys stressing about how many girls they gonna get with over the weekend.

my one year stint at Monash University in Malaysia made that much clear, that majority of the students here are so into the superficial and the materialistic that they can be complacent about the politics that involves them. they are discouraged from taking part, having an opinion and end up being pushovers for the rest of their life.

Malaysia, a democracy? maybe in another thousand years.

when i first went into political science my dad looked at me and asked me about future job prospects and i looked at him and shrugged. politics in malaysia, i told him, was not somewhere i wanted to be involved in.

i am Chinese, i am female therefore i will not be fairly treated. that sadly, is all there is to it.

there are youth in Malaysia capable of battling the system but they have responsibilities that stop them from having a full and active part in this.

malaysia is suffering from tendencies of racism, sexism and corruption. it cannot be fixed by us grass roots people, it must stop from the top. from the people that stipulate that bumis have everything fed to them on a silver spoon, the people who ignore the lack of women MPs in the senate and the people that accept the bribes.

for me, it comes down to a sense of helplessness and desperation. i read the newspapers day after day and feel nothing but sadness about the state of our system. i feel quite sure now that if i were to eventually end up in politics, i will not end up here. i wont know where to start, there will be so much to fight against.

i give up caring.

Monday, November 28, 2005

I havent disappeared!!!

this is the first opportunity i've had to sit down and blog properly.

i pudgalise to my avid readers :D

anyway! it's been a busy few days, helping out at my sister's shop (sad right, i know) cause she had this booth thing over the weekend over the KL Fashion Week. it's all returned to normal now though.

my internship at the Star has finally been finalised.

ooh! and christmas decorations in KLCC are up. the banners and all are very pretty!

although, they look more like hari raya decorations to me.

maybe they're leftover from hari raya. they certainly haven't put up that ginormous christmas tree yet.

but where was i. oh yes, my internship at the Star. they told me to take out a personal accident/medical policy for the duration of my work experience there, i was quite Confunded (excuse me, i watched Harry Potter yesterday) but that's finally been done today so from the 14th of December onwards, i will officially be writing (?) or working for the r.age (however you spell it lar)

am quite excited actually.

Harry Potter, by the way, was a bit of a disappointment. the movie was so fragmented, it's like they took the important bits out of the book, shot the scenes and put them all together. there was no sense of continuance at all! Draco Malfoy's character was so underused. And Hermione and Ron even more so.

but back to KL Fashion Week!!!

they had all these designers like Khoon Hooi (very friendly guy!) and Melinda Looi and Eric Chung walking around. there was even this gay Australian designer who was very er...let's just say...interesting.

some of the models were quite hot (of course you cant see in this photo) but some just looked plain weird.

my sisters have been overworked since Thursday.

can't you tell? :P

but the booth downstairs did pretty well. my sister didn't pull that face at any of the customers :P

they had to shift all the furniture down from the upstairs shop and shifting it back upstairs was a bitch.

all the wiring and the polishing and heavy lifting.

there were easily 10 people working in the shop. at one time all the men (six of them) were Confunded (i'm a big Harry Potter fan ok) by ONE lightbulb.


so now we know how many men it takes to fix a lightbulb.

my sis has a lot of new pieces in the shop that i hadn't seen before. they're all soooo chunky but pretty :D

i had to wear the red necklace on Saturday. Justin said it made me look like a Christmas tree. hmpf.

one of my favourites :) too chunky for me to wear though.

the Signoretti collection from Italy. pretty riiiighttt??? :D

lol anyway, am stuck in the shop again today but its much quieter so i can pretty much relax and read Harry Potter 6 for the thousandth time.

am still shocked that Dumbledore died :(

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Dear old dad :)

regardless of having arrived home safely, was in a super foul mood half an hour ago as a result of
  1. my sisters using my room as their personal dumping ground. don't like that top anymore? alison has plenty of space in her cupboard, lets put it in there!! that dress getting too ratty? alison still has space! lets put it there without asking her!!! have books that i've already read??? hey! alisons book case isn't full enough! lets shove all our shit there!

  2. my mom using my closet as her personal dumping ground. i've already got the smallest walk in cupboard in the house but my mom has decided that i don't need room to manouever in it. she puts two big cartons of her winter shit in my closet because i'm 'hardly here anyway'.

  3. i always get the shittiest things in the house. somehow the wood of my door has expanded and the result is a door that doesnt open smoothly but gets stuck. needless to say i wasn't happy.
thank goodness my dad was at home to rescue me. he told me that he was gonna get someone to come in to sandpaper my door on monday so it wont get stuck anymore, he's gonna move all the shit outta my closet on sunday when he's home and i have a feeling he's gonna tell my sisters off for putting their old rags and books in my room when they're unwanted.

i <3 my daddy :)

Thursday, November 24, 2005

i am upset.

in fact, i've been quite upset since last night.

they should invent dual moods for imood cause i'm happy that my exams are over and i finally get back to go back home and get the sup kambing i've been craving for for several weeks now but i'm upset because...well.

there's only one person that knows why i'm really upset. or maybe he doesn't. he can be quite dense about things like this sometimes.

meanwhile, he's out partying. and i'm upset.



[Save what face?]

You can't save more face lar, you've already been caught with X!

At this stage, Ms Leslie had not approached or been approached by any other agency, he said.
Duh. You think what? People want KNOWN drug users representing their products is it.



*runs around in mad circles*


okay translation was such a bitch, it took me half an hour to translate some stupid 5 line paragraph about a panda (i kid you not) and when i finally looked up my neck gave off the loudest crick on earth.

anybody know a chiropractor?

anyway, packing to do tonight. flying home tomorrrooowwww :D

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Boys are odd.

So, i'm taking a break from my studying and this weird thought occurred to me.

Boys are odd. Mothers are odd.

Simple mathematics right?

Boys are odd = Mothers are odd
Boys = Mothers

I can hear the horrified gasps already. But seriously, hear me out!

In my past experience with boys, I have learnt only one thing.

The more you hold back from them, the more they want you. In other words, playing hard to get lar. But its true right? I mean, guys are more inclined to call you more and more and more if you dont reciprocate with calls and messages like they are.

Example A.

Girl likes boy and boy is vaguely interested in girl. Girl ends up being all gushy and clingy. She calls him every five minutes and smses him every two. At first he's flattered by the attention but then he starts to feel suffocated. Before you know it, he's avoiding girl's calls like the plague. Girl ends up broken hearted.

Example B.

Girl likes boy and boy is vaguely interested in girl. Girl plays this one cool, she lets him do all the calling and the smsing. The boys interest grows for some reason (who can fathom the inner workings of a boys mind?) and he starts with the calling and smsing more. Girl either happy or starts to feel suffocated.

It's like mothers in a way right?

You do one way, she say the other, same with boys! you act one way, they act the other! I believe Kenny Sia once said on his blog, it's like die die both ways (only with boys u dont really die lar just get very irritated)


I think all that studying has addled my brain.

My mother is odd.

When i'm talking to relatives/family friends and i jokingly mention that i'm being FORCED to do an internship over summer, she gives me a look and vehemently denies it in front of them.

And the next day she'll chastise me for saying that, when we both know it's true.

When i'm washing the toilet, she'll come in and pick up a brush/sponge and wash it with me while telling me i cant wash the toilet properly so she'd better do it anyway.

And then later, she'll say YOU NEVER DO ANYTHING AROUND THE HOUSE! and when i say, i didn't ask you to wash the toilet with me what! she'll give me a look that quite eloquently speaks of death if i continue, because she knows that i really didn't ask for her help.

When i'm busy doing something (ie, typing up a cover letter to send in for my internship) she'll insist on bringing out all the bills to settle so i'll put down what i'm doing and go talk to her. And if i dont, she'll get angry and irritated and tell me to sit my butt down next to her.

And then later when i act impatient when she's being particularly slow about something, she'll say AIYAH IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO DO GO DO IT FIRST LAH! By this point, i'll be so exasperated i'll actually pull a muscle rolling my eyes.

When relatives/family friends are talking about how their own children have boyfriends/girlfriends, she'll laugh and say 'oh how nice! so grown up already ah?'

Then the minute dinner is over, she'll turn to me and say 'aiyoh, those people ah, boyfriend girlfriend, not mature yet, how to have boyfriend girlfriend? finish studies only then have boyfriend girlfriend mah!'


my mother is odd.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


is it the nature of everything in malaysia to be DIFFICULT?

even getting an internship is difficult. i've never had to submit a consent letter from a guardian and my university to get a job before :/

so odd.

anyway, the exam is in 2 days and i am completely unbothered. in fact, i'm wishing that it'd come sooner so i can go home and watch Harry Potter!!!!

and the Shanghai/HK dates have been pushed forward to beginning December now.

i need to start packing. hurf. not looking forward to it.

Monday, November 21, 2005


regarding #2 in previous post, for those of you who haven't figured out who she is yet...

[Click Me]

That link won't take you to her site by the way.

Its a very amusing read though. Me likey :D

i am annoyed...

at several things i have read today.

woe betide (haha) the people that have annoyed me. but they dont know me so *shrug* i am free to complain as much as i want :D


And this is regarding the whole Michelle Leslie thing.

Quick summary: She's an Australian underwear model who got caught in Indonesia holding 2 ecstasy pills and as a result got thrown into jail for drug posession yadda yadda yadda.

The other night i was watching Chicago on TV and there's this part where Richard Gere was doing a Press Conference with Roxie and he had everyone on strings and he was just pulling at them, manipulating them in other words.

When i watched Michelle Leslie appear in the tudung and the whole robe thing, Richard Gere sprang to mind.

But that happened a long time ago.

What i'm REALLY annoyed about is the way she and her insipid lawyer are acting now that she's been released when before she was all cowering and throwing puppy eyes at everyone. whinewhinewhine i deserve everything whinewhinewhine i was a bad girl sniffsniff i apologize, i'm sorry please let me go sniff i wont repeat this again!!!!!!

Now, I believe her lawyer is going 'look at me look at me i'm the best lawyer in the world i got someone off on a drug charge!' and Michelle Leslie is once again the puffed up egotistical Australian that deserves to be beaten with a long hard plank.

I wish Michelle Leslie was hanging in Singapore instead of Van (which is mean) if only because she is the true embodiment of a bimbotic rich bitch who gets whatever she wants, whenever she wants, and also manages to get free of DRUG charges.

[For theage article, click here]


Speaking of embodiments of bimbotic rich bitches...

Sigh i'm a little hesitant because i know how blog wars are started with this kinda thing.

But anyway. I shall be brave.

Lets make this clear first lar har in case any of her supporters come sniffing round and then wagwag their tails and go reporting to mummy. I'm not jealous of her (okay maybe a little bit of her Chanel bag) but it's not like my family cannot afford it. I also live in a big house what, I also study overseas what, my family also got lots of money okay, and I also have loving boyfriend who does sweet things what.

(slight exaggeration in paragraph above but its to prove a point i promise)

The difference is, I dont flaunt all things above to get attention.

And never mind the flaunting, when she DOES get all the attention, she gets angry. Like omygod, don't try to find my blog like omygod i'm so popular i dont need all this, like omygod i'm so pretty, like omygod i have this perfect life and you dont.

Right. So you DONT want people looking for your blog but your last entry freely gives the new address away?

Open your fucking pretty eyes and look around lar. Life is not all about you, it's not all about your branded bags and your Gucci pumps and how perfect you can portray yourself. It's not all about how many sweet entries you can squeeze out from your boyfriend on HIS blog about how perfect you are. All this only serves to further inflate your already huge ego.

Who are you trying to fool? Your so called avid fans? Or yourself?


Right. I'll keep number 3 short because i really need to get some studying done.

Number 3 involves a friend of mine who shall remain unnamed. I'm not annoyed at this particular person, just at this person who knows this person.

Wow, now its complicated :D

I dont understand the games people play to make themselves into victims, although i'm probably guilty of this myself. But when the blame is so obviously yours, own up to it. Don't fiddle around and play the emotional trump card because you know it always works eventually.

It's just a matter of time before the other one caves in and goes crawling back because you are oh-so-sorry and oh-so-sad right?


Potong stim already, I can't rant anymore.

So that concludes my angry-at-the-world stint for today :D Toodloo!

Sunday, November 20, 2005


...i'm really quite full. and i'm so sorry i didn't take any pictures of the gorgeous fantabulous food i just ate.

we had mussels, lobsters, fresh oysters, snapper, calamari, chicken souvlaki, lamb chops, garlic mash potatoes, salad, wedges, whitebait, pistachio ice cream, nougat and turkish delight.

the aunties paid for dinner of course.

and after we had all that, we couldn't even move to take a lot of pictures.

me and mish. she was complaining the whole night about not being able to see Wes...pffft.

my mom (wah lau fat face) and Aunty Frances.

Aunty Ginny, Jackie and Fee.

lol it was quite an enjoyable night, five old ladies present nonwithstanding. they were quite amusing to watch, there were quite a few WTF moments where me and mish just looked at each other and raised eyebrows.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sand castles!

nOOoOOoOoOOOoO!! :( WHYYYY!! [click]

anyhoo, i've been meaning to take photos of the sand castles outside Max Brenner for quite some time and i happened to be in the city Christmas shopping with my mum today.

i think it was a promotional tour thing for Europe cause all the sculptures seemed to be European buildings.

leaning tower of Pisa :D

err. i thought this was the Taj Mahal at first but then i was the Taj Mahals not in Europe! then i saw the sign that said it was the Cathedral of Basil or something :/

Eiffel Tower :D

umm...i dont know building this is :/

Astro(?!) or something or rather Clock Towers in the Czech Republic.

WAhahahahhahaha was in Melbourne Central at the right time and managed to see the clock thingie open up and play Waltzing Matilda :D

am completely exhausted, went around the city with mum the whole day shopping for presents for my sisters. found this really nice bag in Nine West which my mum said she'd get for me later yay :D

unfortunately the Nine West Australia site sucks so i can't show everyone the really really nice bag that i picked out. hmpf.

OOh :D And the Shanghai and Hong Kong trip has finally been confirmed! whee!! more shopping!!

*runs around in mad circles*

Friday, November 18, 2005

Datuk Ng Yen Yen says...



thats not what she said. but still. click the link.

anyway, everyone in Malaysia (or even Asia) knows that sex education in that part of the world, Malaysia more than most is rather er, lacking. Our syllabus dictates that we don't learn about it until Form 3. And even then, it's just a few scientific diagrams, some mumbled explanations about a girl's menstrual cycle and the obligatory 5 minute talk about contraception.

I assure you that raging hormones and pliable teenage minds need more than that.

What matters most is not offending the sensibilities of the people who run the country, what matters now is that our teens are quite possibly engaging in unprotected sex, which everyone knows can lead to HIV and pregnancy which then leads to...AN OUTRAGED SOCIETY! HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN? THESE TEENS ARE SO UNEDUCATED, THEY SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN HAVING SEX! STUDIES FIRST!

but why would they be outraged when they are the ones who built this situation up in the first place? and what is the point when the damage is already done?

first they refuse to educate our teenagers about sex, it's consequences, why they should sit up and take notice and not snicker and act immature about it while class is ongoing. our society enjoys pushing things like these under the rug. things like sex, divorce, marital problems, these are all things that teens are deemed much too young to deal with. we make a big deal out of age, we think the young should shut up and listen, not learn from their own mistakes but from their textbooks which do not provide practical information, rather useless bits about how a uterus functions.

how old then, is the right age?

sixteen? when teachers notice that someone's tummy is abnormally large underneath a secondary school uniform? nineteen? when he may already be infected with gonorrhoea? or maybe twenty when he might unknowingly have HIV? or twenty five? when those who were pregnant during their teens have given up hope for a future because raising a child has kept them from education?

no age is really too young, Australians learn about it even when they are nine. perhaps telling them about it when they cannot understand is the best thing to do and then refreshing their memories every few years or so will remind them of the seriousness underlying sex.

its quite unfortunate that our society has painted itself into this corner. its unfortunate that our conservative Asian values may prevent us from saving someone from the certain death that is AIDS. it's unfortunate that there are not more people like Datuk Ng Yen Yen to speak out against those values.

such bleak thoughts about such an enjoyable act but it HAS to be taught.

then again, with all other problems that Malaysia is facing, i'm sure this is quite unimportant to important people like Badawi or Najib. youth in this country, after all, are so unimportant, they are not even allowed a political stand.

but that's another issue, to be argued at another time.

I always knew there was a reason...






i can't wait till summer holidays again :)

I'll finally have a huge amount of uninterrupted time to spend with Justin (minus Shanghai, Hongkong and Singapore trips) which i'm really looking forward to. We haven't had proper time to ourselves since his first trip to Melbourne. And it'll be our first Christmas and New Years together! (as in he's not 3 oceans away)

Finally get to catch up with the Tmn Desa group who seems to have flown everywhere. Chien Huey in Adelaide, Jeunn Yik in Sarawak, Chiow Peng in the US. Everyone's gonna be back over hols though. Miss the times we sat up late in Neelas just talking about stupid things like pads and tampons and beastility, laughing so loud everyone would stare at us.

I'll also finally get to settle down in the new house a bit more and spend time with the family (no matter how annoying they may get). Hopefully get the boxes of my mums stuff in my room put into the store so I dont feel claustrophobic in my closet. Although, if my sister moves out i get her room AND closet :D whee!

lol i didnt have a proper family photo of us (gasp) so i just used the one from my maid's farewell :P

another week till i get to go home! yay!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The World is Ending!!!!



bye bye cruel world :( *hurls self off balcony*

Haircut Schmaircut

i have never ever ever had long hair in my life.

in fact, until today, my hair was the longest it has ever been which was about 3 inches below my shoulders.

come to think abt it, i have never ever had a haircut that i've really really liked before either.

when i was young(er) i used to have the typical china doll haircut, straight fringe and hair just below the ear.

easy for my mum to maintain apparently but it was ugly as all hell especially because i was super fat back then.

(i suggest that the faint hearted shield your eyes)

AAAAAAAGh! how fat was i?!?!!?!?!??!


count yourselves very lucky okay, i dont show many people my baby photos. most of them run away from me and refuse to talk to me after they see photos like these.

and then i got into high school and thus begin the long series of even uglier haircuts.

finally grew my fringe out when i was in secondary school but i always seemed to have this grimace in photos. maybe cause i knew i looked bad in them.

but anyway, this was about 11 or 12?

that style persisted for quite some time. i dont know why. it was so ugly. my sister persuaded me to layer it once and it became a bob and that was okay until it grew out and became shaggy.

so i had shaggy hair even when i reached MLC.

and while i was around that age, a fantabulous thing happened.

one day, i walked into a hairdressers (Jantzen back home if i'm not mistaken) and i said, i need to trim my (already short) hair.

the guy said okay! and his scissors went snip snip (i didnt like how happy his scissors sounded) and i ended up with....

THIS! auuugh! okay. this is actually not the worst picture because my hair is actually gelled down. but at this stage, believe it or not, it could have been spiked up. and i'd look exactly like a boy.

oh the cruelty!!!

i actually had to go to my Year 11 Formal with that hair!!!

it took a fantastic amount of gel to make my hair stay down that night and my sisters wonderful make up skills. (can't really see my hair in the pic can you...)

but take my word for it: it was short.

anyway! then we move on to out of MLC where i started to grow my hair out, thinking that at least if i didn't look good with short hair, there might be a teensy weensy chance of me looking good with long hair...

so in 2003, my hair was like this. (this is my sister's wedding btw and that's kenneth)

it actually looked quite okay in this photo, maybe cause the hairstylist spent an hour doing it up.
sigh, if only my hair could have looked like that everyday.

but as usual, on important photo days (ie, photos that stick with you for the rest of your life...), my hair decides to poof up like a lions mane

honestly, not even my first IC photo looked as bad as this.

and i'm stuck with this horrid photo until i'm 25 *cries*

then i came to melbourne, which is this year, 2005 and i actually had a pretty good haircut :D

not bad righhht. okay. i had help from mr. blowdryer. and my fringe was pinned up.

and then today, i went back to the same place that i went to get the above cut and tada, my favourite hairstylist wasn't there.


i knew i should have backed out at that point but i was getting sick of unkempt, shaggy hair so snip snip.

and then, i ended up with this...

WOOHOO! cute not?!

no i'm kidding. but thats gotta be the most spastic looking panda on earth lol.

anyway, back to my haircut...

the hairdresser took about 3 inches off the back and i specifically told her to layer it more but she obviously didnt. and she also screwed up my fringe.

so now i look like i'm back to the school girl haircut.

thank god i can still tie it up which is what i'm gonna do till i can get back home and FIX this mess. as in get the sides more layered, dye and highlight it.

so. another bad haircut.

sigh, i should be used to this by now.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Woe betide you...

Ah have twoooo questions dear folks.

1) Who Googled "" and
2) Whyyyy in god's name would you do that if you already have the blog address?


Was reading the 'Chamber of Secrets' again last night and Molly Weasly said something like 'woe betide you if there's a gnome left in the garden when i come out to inspect it later' to Fred and George.

And all of a sudden, in my mind, Mrs Moorthy popped up and went 'Wooooeeee betide you dear boys and girls if you don't start behaving.'

Eeeeeek. Some high school memories stay with you forever :/

warning: swearing ahead

chao chee bye

Australia is like si beh slow in everything and you know why?!

because this country insists on quarantining every single thing that hits it shores!!!



MA CHAO HAI. i'm very angry ok.

NAH BEH! i COULD have been watching it by tomorrow but NOOOOOOOOoooooo!! release date here is December the 1st.


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Pop My Cherry??


Daniel Radcliffe...

is on Rove Live tonight!!!


crush on a 16 year old? u betcha :P i have this thing for brit boys. especially their accents. they make me go all @(#*@()#*)@(&@#*@*# :D

anyway, got tagged by Jason.

The Timeline meme

Ten years ago I was :

In Sri KL primary, had my first biatch fight with a upper secondary school girl who hated my sisters guts and therefore hated me because i looked exactly like her. Went to Japan during school break that year and developed a huge kiddy crush on my dad's sales manager's son named Victor. That same year, he came to my classroom and handed me a huge bag of gummy candies which resulted in much name calling from girls in my class who were jealous.

5 years ago I was :

in my first year overseas. My mom and dad flew me to Australia, spent 3 days with me then dumped me in the MLC Boarding House. I couldn't handle my first night there so the next morning I packed all my things and called them to come get me. They dragged me to the school counsellor the next day, where I got reassurance. I stayed in the end but I still hated my first year in boarding school.

1 year ago I was :

in Malaysia, in serious trouble with my parents and very bitter with my life in general. i had just decided to switch over from my Bachelor of Science degree to a Bachelor of Arts, after failing Chemistry twice. I had also just received my first rejection letter from Melbourne University, but my first acceptance letters from both Deakin and RMIT. after an appeal and a meeting with the International Arts Coordinator, I finally got an acceptance.

Yesterday I was :

mopey and moody as a result of PMS. spent 2 hours in Uni, attending a briefing for the Predeparture Session i'm volunteering at thats going to be held in KL. also handed in my Terrorism assignment (woohoo!) went home after and spent the rest of the day alternately sleeping and studying for my Chinese exam.

The Seven Things meme

Seven things you plan to do before you die :
1. Publish a book (hah)
2. Work/Volunteer for UN or Amnesty International
3. Own a pair of Manolo Blahniks
4. Visit London, Paris, Rome with Justin
5. Stop biting my nails
6. Have a kitten with a cute name like Peekaboo
7. Have a German Sheperd/Golden Retriever named anything BUT dogdog

Seven things I could do : (as alternatives to the 7 listed above)
1. Exercise more
2. Spend more time with family
3. Learn to speak Hokkien properly
4. Reduce my sugar intake
5. Spend more time studying instead of watching TV
6. Learn to drive (read: PARK) properly
7. Stop procrastinating and get my Australian license

Seven celebrity crushes :
1. Johnathan Rhys Meyers
2. Nick Carter (I WAS 14!!!!)
3. Sascha Radestky
4. Matthew MacFadyen
5. Daniel Radcliffe :D
6. Jesse Bradford (in bring it on!)
7. Michael Vartan

Seven often repeated words :
1. Omygod!
2. Shit
3. Hah?
4. What?
5. NOOoOoOOo!
6. Hmmmm?
7. yaaaaaaaaaaay!

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex :
1. I'm
3. doing
4. this
5. because
6. Justin
7. will find a way to get back at me for this.

Seven tags to go :
1. Wen
2. Lysh
3. Tiff
4. Marcus
5. Chong Fui
6. Kuan Eng
7. Yan (do u even have a blog?!)


For the last 2 days, when people have asked me about my intern over summer and whether i've arranged for everything, I've tended to give them this dubious answer:

'I think so.'

Then those kay poh siao (i'm kidding) people will say 'What do you mean by you think so?! Still no reply yet?! Aiyah!'

To which i'll mumble something like 'Got reply la. But i'm still not sure.'

'HAH?! You don't understand the reply?! ... '

In their heads they must be thinking i'm the stupidest person on earth lor but really...when you get an email like this (look below) what am i supposed to think??

My sister, the HR 'genius' (term genius dubiously used) thinks it means that the HR people will get to decide.

My mother, the everything 'genius' thinks that it means i havent gotten the job.

The kay poh people mentioned above tell me not to worry, that it means she's already accepted me for the intern but the HR people are handling the formalities.

I've sat on this email for 2 days and I still haven't decided what it means.


Sunday, November 13, 2005

My take...

Emily Williams should be kicked off, because she's a tart.

If you dont believe that, then she should be kicked off because she sung a Britney Spears song. Enough said.

Kate DeRouge (?) should stay because she's looking more confident and prettier every week.

If that's too superficial, then she should stay because she managed to pull of 'Like a Prayer' without making me cringe.

Lee Harding should stay because I think it's time Australia had something other than a typical boyband type Idol.

If that's not a good enough reason, then he should stay because he looks good as a tropical fish.

If that's not STILL not a good enough reason, then he really should stay because I love Lee Harding.

And if you're still not satisfied, then STFU.

Friday, November 11, 2005

On Drug Trafficking and its Consequences

[Death in Singapore, you must speak out Mr. Howard]

it's been publicised in Singapore and Australian newspapers now for a while, the case of Nguyen Tuong Van who was charged for bringing slightly under 400 grams of heroin into Singapore while on transit on his way to Australia.

his lawyer, Lex Lasry wrote the piece that's linked above which was published in theage newspaper today. i disagreed with many points, and though i sympathise with his family, and would probably say differently if i was in that position, i think Nguyen Tuong Van should hang. i also think that the Australian government thinks he should hang. otherwise, prime minister John Howard wouldn't be keeping quiet about the whole situation and not using all power possible to extradite Van from Singapore.

Mr. Howard is probably thinking, 'phew, at least we have Singapore to take care of ONE drug trafficker for us. i have enough on my plate with the Bali Nine and Michelle Leslie already!'

in part of Lex Lasry's speech, this is what he said:

Nguyen had no intention of dealing with the drug in Singapore. He was on his way to Melbourne. The heroin was never going to cross the Customs barrier and was never going to be distributed in Singapore. Apart from the symbolism of it, Singapore had nothing to fear from Van.

Every airplane that lands in Singapore has the same announcement made. 'Drug trafficking in Singapore is a serious offence, and carries with it the drug penalty.' It doesn't matter that the heroin wasn't going to cross the Customs barrier. The fact of the matter is that the drugs were brought INTO Singapore, and it was IN Singapore's jurisdiction to arrest Nguyen and subject him to their laws. (And that's giving Lex Lasry the benefit of the doubt that his client really wasn't going to distribute the drug in Singapore)

It's not about what Singapore had to fear from Van. It's about the fairness of the system. Lex Lasry cannot expect Singapore to let one person go on a drug trafficking charge just because he is Australian.

Van was apprehended, charged, tried, found guilty before a judge alone, not a jury. He appealed. The appeal was dismissed, then he sought clemency. The clemency petition was 70 pages of personal circumstances, details of assistance to authorities, arguments about the constitutional basis on which clemency ought to be extended.
I don't get the relevance of this paragraph in the speech. It just makes his lawyer sound like he's grasping at straws, trying to find a sympathy point but failing miserably. So what if the clemency petition was 70 pages of personal circumstances?

The Singapore government has hardly been known for their leniency. I don't think it would have mattered if they wrote a thousand pages.

Every time I'm interviewed, almost without fail, the journalist says: "Yes, well people would say, he went to the country, he knew the risk, therefore …" Fill in the blank. Therefore, Van deserves to be executed because of that? If you wouldn't execute him for the crime, would you execute him for being stupid in going to Singapore and doing what he did?
YES! Of COURSE he deserves to be executed for going into Singapore and knowing the risk. That even makes him more responsible for what he did! And besides, a stupid drug trafficker is as good as a dead one when it comes to countries like Singapore.

Well, I want Mr Howard to say: "This is something we do not want to happen — we're not just sympathetic, we're not just sorry, we don't want it to happen".
I think he does want it to happen. It's one less drug trafficker off his hands after all.

The injustice that I talk about, the thing that criminal lawyers ought to be concerned about, is the injustice of a disproportionate mandatory death penalty, and it isn't being vigorously opposed by the leader of our Government.
I don't think Mr. Howard wants to jeopardise relationships with Singapore over one drug trafficker. It is not an injustice. Again, the very basic fact is that he did the crime while he was in Singapore. It really is up to Singaporean authorities how they want to treat Nguyen.

And another thing. This case isn't getting as much coverage and publicity as the Bali Nine or Michelle Leslie case. It is my feeling that Mr. Howard only stepped in on behalf of the Bali Nine because of the outrage of the Australian public that Indonesian authorities could condemn nine (count them, nine. not one lowlife drug trafficker but NINE) people to death.

I wonder how much Mr. Lasry is being paid to defend Nguyen, must not be a whole lot if all his efforts are like the speech above. If he's not making a convincing case, why would other people see fit to give him the attention needed to save his client?

One less drug trafficker in the world never hurt anybody.

These people are the root of societies problems. I wouldn't be sorry to see one hang.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Things I wish I was still in the boarding house/school to do:

  1. Spread Vegemite all over the black toilet seats.


    Then steal all the toilet paper.

  2. Spread Vaseline all over door knobs of above toilets :D

    lol trust me. the combination of 1 & 2 is lethal.

  3. Spread cling wrap (or Glad Wrap) over the toilet bowl. Then put down the toilet seat down.

  4. Buy 4 chickens and paint the numbers 1,2,3 and 5 on their backs. Then let them loose in the school.

  5. Watch the Melbourne High guys do their annual milk run and then laugh my ass off at the idiots as they proceed to puke coloured milk all over the place.

  6. Shove stink bombs under the doors of all the juniors to get them outta their rooms at 5am in the morning. Which is what frickin happened to us in Year 11.

  7. Wrap a bastard teacher's car in 4 inches of Glad Wrap.

  8. Put the headmistresses profile in the personals :D

  9. Get all the Year 12's to photocopy their boobies and stick them on all the walls outside the school.

    Lol, the Year 12's before our year did this one.

  10. Egg all the Xavier and Scotch guys down Glenferrie road who saw fit to egg ME when i was in Year 12. Idiots. I hope they got suspended for that. Hmpf.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dog tags


i finally got my Youth AIDS dog tags from 'blind as bat' Wey Seng.

why blind as bat? because he walked all over Collins Street looking for Hugo Boss and then realised that he was standing right opposite the street from it. doh.

i wish i had brought my camera to the city today, they're putting up really pretty sand sculptures outside Max Brenner.

my going to be huge pimple seems to be not so sore today. my perfect cure for pimples?

Blackmores pimple gel.

i SWEAR on this stuff. okay so it looks a little like ear wax but it smells really good and it works wonders.

had to stretch my arm damn long before i could get everything into the photo. please excuse the messy hair :D

the dog tags are kinda scratched but i think i can go back to KL and get them polished at my sister's shop or something.

:) have new accessory! yay!

am gonna miss House tonight cause am going out for dinner with mum and aunts. poop.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A million dollar question

i have a pimple coming up on the side of my nose that's going to rival Mount Vesuvius when it comes up.

anyway, the question!

Say you're a guy and you and your friends go to a beach. One of your girl friends is rubbing sun screen all over herself and all the other guys have headed off to the surf while your other girl friends are away buying ice cream.

So she's got this tiny bikini on and soon she's done rubbing sunscreen and she lies down on a beach towel to tan. While she does this, her boob pops out of her bikini but she doesn't notice. So you're standing there, probably with your jaw open staring at her (while other people have probably already started noticing) and she's just lying there, still oblivious.

Would you:

A) Run away and join the guys in the surf without telling her
B) Tell her no matter how awkward it is and THEN run away to join the guys in the surf
C) Tell her and stand around awkwardly after that


D) Continue to gawp at her boobs with your mouth open because REALLY! she does have very nice ones?

Monday, November 07, 2005

Cuts and Bruises

i know the first thing my mom is gonna say when she comes in tomorrow.


for some reason the 3 inch bruise i got from the shin fight with Gav didn't show up on camera. gotta twiddle around with the settings hmm :/

damn, it sucks that this is the season to bring out miniskirts and shorts but i can't because my legs look freaking damaged.

lol don't be alarmed. i normally do bruise really easily. i just dont normally get this many in one go.

another 3 weeks before i get to go back hommmeeeeeeeee!! was thinking about the things i want to buy when i get back to Malaysia and Shanghai. i hope my dad hasn't cancelled the trip :(

from Shanghai::
  1. sandals and flats!! i realised that when i shop i normally buy tops and pants, i don't go hunting for shoes because i hate the hassle. out of all the girls you know, i probably own the LEAST pair of shoes.

  2. those silk sling bags that are so in fashion here and are retailing in Mimco for 300 dollars (fucking ripoffs)

  3. more bags in general! same with sandals and flats, i never see a bag that i think is worth the price and i hate the hassle of thinking what clothing i have in my closet to match it with.

  4. a DECENT winter jacket, hopefully manage to get one of those poofy ones with the fur lined hood that i've been trying to find in Melbourne.
from KL::
  1. DVD box sets from Sungei Wang. will definitely look out for House MD, CSI Season 4 & 5, Buffy Season 2 onwards (will have to collect these slowly)

  2. Movie DVDS!! Since Justin has already watched all the shows i wanna watch (hmpf) i'm just gonna have to settle for the DVDS. imma gonna get The Corpse Bride, Zorro 2, Zathura, Pride and Prejudice (oh mr darcyyyy). i'll think of more later.

    *damn, just realised i'm gonna spend a bomb on DVDs*

  3. more Paul Frank shirts from FOS just to piss people in Melbourne off. haha nyeh nyeh i get them cheap and you dont :D
i think that's the end of my shopping list for now. hopefully will be able to weasel a trip to HK out of my dad the same time as that Shanghai trip but i doubt it. he'll probably be too scared to unleash me in HK after the amount of shopping i do in Shanghai haha.
Edit (again!):

am finding too many things to blog about today but seriously, WHAT IS THIS?!

Harry hugging Hermione?! WHY!! and WHEN?!

2 down, 2 to go!

went into uni today to hand in my politics and creative writing assignment. i'm honestly glad that's over with!

'the mother' will be making her appearance tomorrow morning, and as such i have gone into a house cleaning frenzy. i foresee weeks of irritating nagging ahead, but also lots of good food!! i also have had to shift to one of the single beds in the other room cause 'the father' will be coming the following week :( *sniffles*

whoever said shopping in Safeway was cheaper than shopping in Coles is a very big liar. on my emergency grocery shopping spree today (because of 'the mother') i spent maybe double on the stuff that i would have in Coles. pfft.

am in a dilemma as to whether to have KFC's bacon barbecue burger or Pacific food for dinner. hmmm. maybe i'll have both :D

anyway, good luck with those that are starting exams this week :)


ooh ooh i forgot!


:D take THAT Chelsea!

Saturday, November 05, 2005


my face is unbelievably burnt. and its as red as a cooked lobsters bum, if lobsters have bums.

however, i did have a very good time in Torquay. Gav taught me how to bodyboard. at least, he did until the water got too cold for him and he pussied out and left me to fend for myself.

salt water tastes very bad but at least it didnt taste rotten like the sea water in malaysia.

not many pictures cause i was too busy trying to catch waves. the weather today was a bit on the cold side and the water was freezing but it was all very fun. me and Gav had lots of sand fights and we buried him knee deep in the sand and then proceeded to push him over. haha.

no more space in the sun tent :( those vainies. hmpf.

the view was very nice though :) and there weren't that many people either. the beach was quite quiet, just some annoying guys who kept chucking a footy in our direction *mutter*

lol the bright blue tent in the middle is ours. if i'm not mistaken thats Gav accusing Dorcus of stealing his ciggies.

Gav's frantic search for his ciggies *snicker*

yeeah, i stole them. he smokes wayyy too much :P i gave them back eventually!!!

LUNCH!!! My sis brought ham, chicken, cheese, bread and some apples so we had sorta a picnic on the grass which was really prickly.

me, my sis, gale and Gav were getting bored at the beach while the others were still sunbathing so we decided to go shopping :D

omgomgomgomg :D FACTORY OUTLET STORES!!! ripcurl, quiksilver and roxy were SOOO cheap there! i found a top that was retailing for 55 dollars outside, but was selling for 15 dollars there.

check out the many cuts on the price tag!! aaaaaagh :D so happy so happy.

wahahhahaha after that we headed back to St Kilda and arrived at my sister's place abt 630. had to walk the dogs then cause shinju and shep had been cooped inside the house the whole day.

so, time for more photos of everyone's favourite malamute :P Gav had just given him his new chew toy, Mr Squeaky Bunny. i actually have a video of him playing around with it but i'm not quite sure how to upload it to Blogger.


shinju trying to get Mr Squeaky from Gavin. haha Gav was teasing him, not letting him take the bunny. in the last picture he's practically whimpering for the bunny haha.

click image for bigger picture :)

Mr. Squeaky after 10 minutes. i kid u not. that white thing on the side is a bit of stuffing that came outta it.

poor bunny :(

do i look burnt? :/

lol anyway am hungry now so going to eat leftovers from yesterday! yum yum!