Thursday, September 29, 2005

you know...

maybe turning 19 ain't so bad after all :)

thanks to the peeps that got to me waaay early like MJ, lia [who oh so conveniently thought my birthday was on the 28th], wenwen, yan, tanya [get better dearie! and happy birthday for tomorrow!] and andrea [who didn't fail to insult me even today] special thanks to andrew who was my first friend to CALL me. so particular about it *ish* :) (in case you were wondering, first person to call was of course justin. hee thanks dear) there were people whom i weren't expecting to call/msg who did so i'm really happy bout that too!

anyway :D on to pressies. my family was pretty seng mok this year, knew exactly what to get me and though i didnt get one from each of them (hmpf) i'm quite happy with this year's er...haul.

i haven't decided which one is my favourite yet, i'm still deciding between my second sister's pressie and my parent's one.

but first! my eldest sister got me my skinny jeans from Levi's that i was DYING for.

yay! and on that note, i've come up with a new category of size for women. the 'struggly' size. i've just discovered that i can still fit into a size 26, however 2 months of non stop eating with my sister in melbourne have made me a STRUGGLY size 26, which basically means that yep, i can still fit into those jeans, however i have to struggle to get it them :D

genius eh?

my parents gave me an omega watch. it was sorta a toss up between the omega and a tag but i figured that next time i should be able to afford a tag but when the hell else am i gonna be able to get an omega lar?!?!!

the box it came in was pretty spiffy :D

another one? lol i'll give omega one thing, their presentation is excellent. although i would have preferred maybe a black velvet to a red.

the watch :) it's from the 'constellation' series, i think it's really pretty. it's more for night use whereas the tag i picked out was more rough and sportylike.

don't worry mr tag! i will definitely get you one day if not for other reason than only because kimi raikonnen is one of your spokespeople.

and finally, drumroll please, the best present i may have ever received from my sister EVER. spoke to my brother in law after that and this is how the conversation went

Me:: i heard my present was BIG this year :D

Alson:: yah, cause you're growing so your present has to grow too.

Me:: REALLY? does that mean that my next year's present will be bigger?? :D

Alson:: No


Alson:: Cause next year u'll have stopped growing already, so your present also stop growing. haha!


but his present was cool so all is forgiven. betcha all dying to know what it is RIGHT RIGHT?


okie for you totally un technology savvy people, it's basically a speaker system for your ipod. and before you go 'ah cheh, it's only a speaker' and have me strangle you until your eyeballs pop out, it's not JUST a speaker okay.

ITS SPIFFY OKAY! not to mention i haven't heard music quality like that in a while.

the minute...okay maybe not the minute but after all the squealing was over, i immediately plugged it in and played a Boys 2 Men song. THAT was what an RNB song was supposed to sound like. heavy bass all the way. bliss is me :)

for those with abnormally sharp eyes, u will notice that the ipod was playing James Blunt's 'Beautiful'. still in love with the song and on that speaker system, it sounds like heaps heaps better than any radio/hi fi/desktop/laptop speakers i have in the house.

okie. i'm off to play with my new toy and then get some sleep :)



tiff, i sorta took inspiration from one of ur previous drawings. hope u dont mind.

sorry for the crease guys. folded the piece of paper i drew it on haha.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Job woes

i wonder why i have this tendency to pick courses that have limited or no job options at all. okie so maybe the Bachelor of Arts has a wider scope than the Bachelor of Biotech but still! having all those choices is really not doing me any favours. i'm probably the most indecisive person on earth. should i go into advertising? PR? communications? editing?

i went through the jobs section in the classifieds today just for the fun of it and i didn't find a single job there that i would go for. there were all these science jobs (that i still wouldn't go for, they're not for graduates, mostly for diploma/SPM holders) but there were no jobs saying 'Applicant must have a Bachelor of Arts from a certifiable instituition'.

i'm running out of ideas of where to intern during summer this year. so far all i've got in mind are Harpers Bazaar and Prudential. even then i'm not sure if i can get in. i need to work on my resume before i can apply for those firms too and so far all i have is work experience in hospitals which is of no relation whatsoever to what i'm doing nowwww. *stomp*

i bet i'm the only person my age that worries about employment.

on a brighter note. mom is taking me shopping for my birthday pressie. still haven't decided between the omega and the tag yet though.

indecisive me.

For those in Malaysia...

check out my sister's jewellery :)

sigh. i'm feeling so lazy right now. i can't believe in have to get back to Melbourne (and assignments) in another4 days. oh well. life i guess.

Monday, September 26, 2005


this post was originally meant to be about twitch but i found something else interesting to blog about too :P

so! had a really REALLY nice dinner with 'bottom feeding' uncle tonight. first of all, he's not my real uncle, second of all, i really dislike him. why do i call him bottom feeding? cause he's in insurance. no i'm kidding really. insurance people have their own place in the world. without them there'd be nobody to bother you about spending on something that they try to convince you is a necessity but it's really not, without them CSI would never have a motive for husband A killing himself so wife A could claim the insurance money...

i digress.

the REAL reason i call him 'bottom feeding' is cause...well, he really is! he's the type of person that hangs around people he deems to be 'rich, powerful and well connected', trying to gain a reputation by hanging around them, trying to get to know more of these kinds of people so he can rise up on the social ladder. he's the type of person that took up golf so he could hang out with the above sorts of people, and now at the dinner table all he does is spout stories about how his golf has tremendously improved and he's beating the most skilled of players. he's the type of person that hangs out with my dad because my dad always pays for the meal and brings the wine, he never even offers to get the bill because he knows, no matter what, my father will motion the waiter to bring the bill to him.

bottom feeder no?

anyway. back to twitch! it seems the grumpy cat has come down with a skin infection and has recently acquired a bald spot. tee hee!

see that patch on his back?

well it looks even worser up close :S

poor dear. he was super affectionate when i went over for some reason (he usually avoids me like the plague). he came up to me and rubbed against my legs and didnt protest when justin's mom moved the chair closer to her and picked him up.

sigh i hate to admit it but twitch is actually pretty cute. EVERYBODY HOPE HIS SKIN INFECTION GETS BETTER!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

My Nephew's Wedding

i made a mistake in the previous post when i said cousin's wedding. after some thinking i realised that the guy getting married was actually my nephew (his mom is my cousin). it was only when i got there that my mom told me that the bride was already pregnant and that in 9 months time, i shall be grand aunt.



there were like 80 odd tables, my mom told me that they brought 3 busloads of people from my dad's kampung. even the chef that cooked the humongous dinner was from my dad's kampung. haha so funny, dunno how much they had to pay the guy to persuade him to travel 2 hours and cook a dinner for 800++ people.

anyway :P sigh it was one of those typical chinese dinners, wasn't much fun until the drinking started. they had really funny entertainment like this guy with a funny yellow costume and a yellow mohawk thingie

eyuck. wonder what he was thinking when he put that on.

sigh as usual, as with all other Ong family dinners, there was lots and lots of drinking. bottles of brandy and whisky floating around. all the old men started proposing toasts to the most ridiculous things after they started getting high, people started stumbling around with red faces and the karoke machine on the stage was tested to it's limit. sigh.

kids: alcohol is NOT good. it fucks up your liver. haha :P

everyone's glass on the table was tainted with at least SOME whisky/brandy. i couldn't escape. my nephew made me down some (good thing my sister had mixed it with 7up first :D)

sigh and as usual, when people get drunk, there is drunken dancing.

it got even worse when they invited people to get up on the stage to dance..

i assure u that it's only my dad's side of the family that is this bad. my mom's side canNOT take alcohol at all and usually derive entertainment from other sources :P *shrug* nobody's family is perfect :P

my sister doesn't like the taste of brandy very much. haha this was before my drunken nephew spilt some brandy on her VERY expensive balenciaga and she got all angry and upset at him. i would be too. the purple dye started coming off the bag.

lol. lesson #2 in this post: it's not good to carry really expensive bags around to dinners like these. haw haw :P

ah. dear old daddy doing the pouring.

woohoo! toast! to what? i dont know. it sure wasnt to the happy couple though. they were all too far gone for that at this point.

haha i cannot imagine how many people woke up this morning with hangovers, must be at least three quarters of the people that were there. yep. we're a very merry family :D

Friday, September 23, 2005

Just random bits of my day.

i have been blackmailed by my dad into going for my cousin's wedding dinner tonight.


you might think it's strange that i have to be blackmailed for that sorta thing but then again, when you have 76 cousins (including cousins in law) you sorta find it hard to be close to all of them. especially since i don't speak hokkien and these wedding dinners normally consist of all of them getting drunk + loud music + bad karaoke, they're not very much fun.

am still in sorta shock that my dad could stoop to that level to make me go. hmpf.

some motorcycle bonked my daddy's car while the driver was on the way to the petrol station. tis not good. we're all too afraid to tell my dad and the damage is quite substantial. my poor driver though, i think he's gonna cop an earful but i dont think it was really his fault anyway, the motorcycle came from behind and the people behind are always at fault right?

anyway, it's a quiet day at home for me. need to get some work done before we head out for dinner. just realised that my 19th birthday is in less than a week and let me tell you something...

I DONT WANNA TURN 19!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooo!

if i were Tiff, i'd probably draw some funny comic involving me clinging on to something and scratch marks...but not all of us can be blessed with that kinda talent :P

18 is a good age. why do i have to turn 19? why? WHY?

Thursday, September 22, 2005

my life is brilliant, my love is pure, i saw an angel of that i'm sure...


well midvalley yesterday was a complete bust. had grumpy boyfriend in tow and didn't manage to shop as much as i'd liked. didn't find a nice pair of sandals for one thing and didn't find another flowy skirt for another. hmpf.
i did manage to buy my body shop lip balm though

strawberry smells the best :D
also bought a Paul Frank shirt from FOS (again). couldn't find the white one so had to settle for the green one instead.

tee hee :D Paul Frank with braces! me likey :D

also bought a pair of 3/4 pants from Romp.

nothing special also. sigh.

did manage to find a pair of skinny leg jeans that i want!!! my sister has oh-so kindly offered to buy them for my birthday cause she can't think of anything else to get me. think we're going to get them soon, am not sure.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


There must be an angel with a smile on her face
When she thought up that I should be with you
But it's time to face the truth
I will never be with you

my new favourite song from James Blunt. the lyrics are so sweet, reminds me so much of Wicker Park for some reason.

yay yay yay!

am finally going shopping! wish i could go to 1 utama but there's not enough time so i shall have to be content with midvalley for now :D mom has already started nagging at the amount of money i spend, can imagine what she's going to say when i come home with all my shopping bags. tee hee hee :D

happy happy joy joy :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005






i'm going crazy okay. i need to get out of this house.

away from my crazy psychotic mother. away from the heat. away from my essays and chinese work. awayyyyyyy i tell youuuuu awaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2005

looooveee looooveee love

haven't watched love actually in ages. its such a sweet show :) was rumaging around for the dvd earlier but couldn't find it. looks like i'll have to go out and buy another copy. pah.

it's been really hot in KL, the weather's on the verge of unbearable. i only survive by staying in airconditioned rooms/malls all the time. the haze came back today too, it'll probably get worse if it doesn't rain soon. that's about the only thing i miss about Melbourne, the good weather.

moms added a few things to the house, finally got the new shaggy white rug i wanted in my room after much much MUCH whining. the first morning i was back i woke up and saw this in the kitchen:

the problem with this is that its displayed on our kitchen counter and everybody (including me) assumes it's edible and therefore automatically takes off the cover and picks up the really yummy looking chocolate cake. what you get if you continue in that line of progression is a mouth full of plastic.

it really does look very real. :P

so anyway! MOONCAKE FESTIVAL! justin's mom made some really nyummy ones but my mum and dad had already bought some from mandarin oriental. they were really odd flavours like this one which was chocolate mousse.

damn cute man. i wanna know how they get the patterns and stuff on top of the mooncake, it's probably in the mold or something.


they should rename it garfield instead of twitch. it's head honestly just looks really small in comparison to all the fat it has. it's like a furry orange water ballooon that you wanna pop. they so overfeed that cat.

lol twitch's favourite past time. bumming around.

jw tried out his new tripod and took more pictures of twitch. lol in this one he actually looks sorta normal sized :P

jw and tripod again while we were waiting for may yee to show up for dinner.

thats all the updates i have for now :) will check back again soon!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

happy very early birthday to meee!

BIRTHDAY DINNER NIGHT FINALLY ARRIVED!!!!! well. early birthday dinner night. my actual birthday isn't for another 2 weeks but since i won't be in melbourne around that period of time... :P

yay! finally managed to catch up with the girls, all of us met up at Chuji on Lonsdale. it's a pretty classy Jap Restaurant, the only thing that was bad was the ventilation. all of us came out smelling like smoke.

the food there was pretty good, we had a pretty vast array of things from calamari to raw beef, gyudon, agadashi tofu, chicken teriyaki and of course....sashimi...

i've never had sashimi before. raw fish! eyugh!! but anyway, everyone forced me to have a slice so...poop. i had to eat a really really tiny bit. drowned it in some wasabi and popped it into my mouth. still don't see whats so great about it! it tastes yucky, slimy and fishy.

haha amal at her place before we took the tram to chuji. aww and she's all dressed up!!! speaking of which...

this is what i wore! i know the picture's a bit blurry and justin says i'm sticking my tummy out but i really like the top so there. hmpf. bought it from quick brown fox during my bridge road shopping trip

molly had this drink called the 'Tsunami' which was a lychee mix sake drink. it was really nice, didnt taste alcoholic at all! it was only 4.5% though, she didnt have much trouble with it. i on the other hand

had boring tiger beer. i should've ordered asahi or sapporo but it just didn't cross my mind at the time i opened the menu. was really craving for a corona or a crown lager but since they didn't have it, i just picked the first beer that looked familiar to me

molly's coach bag. AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH! I WANT!

me, molly, janet, julia and wendy. was a bit hesitant to put up the photo cause i looked a bit farnee...what to do. so not photogenic!

molly, me, wendy, jules! janet's very proud of this photos cause she thinks it showcases her photo taking skills. *cough*

waiting for the food to arrive. grrr. i was damn hungry okay. these tai tais made me wait like half an hour before they made their fashionably late entrances. and i'm supposed to be the birthday girl! *stomp stomp*

but they redeemed themselves with pressies! (see bottom lefthand corner of photo)

yay! they got me like tons of body butter and lipgloss tubes. just what i needed right? more clutter in the bathroom? but they all smell really nice. lol amal was saying i could use one body butter a day and smell differently each day of the week.

told you i wasnt photogenic.

sigh :) felt good catching up with the MLC bunch again, been ages since we've sat down and had a good laugh and talk with everyone around :) high school friends are always the best people to look up when you're in uni, you have heaps to talk about. lol in the car on the way back to amal's place, amal even suggested julia drive back to the boarding house so we could irk our old headmistress.

was overall a good night out. looking forward to more birthday celebrations at home!! (maybe this time with cake?)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

now, REALLY.

was this frickin necessary?

these train inspectors are just too much.

imma gonna need therapy

my my. aren't i full of grouses this week. in true therapy fashion, i shall list out my grievances for today:

  1. i look like shit. i feel fugly. i don't know why the top of my head looks like a mushroom, my fringe is sticking up, my bottom layers are curled up all over the place plus am feeling completely frumpy in trackies and tank top. how am i going to make myself remotely presentable for tonight's dinner?

  2. i have shit loads of packing to do. you cant even see the carpeting on my bedroom floor, it's just covered with bags, sweaters, mom's hairdye and cream shit, ingrate eldest sister's EXPENSIVE cream shit, ingrate second sisters jewellery shit. there's no space for my clothes or books in my suitcase anymore.

  3. i have gas. *burp* haha can imagine everyone going 'ewwwwww' when they hear that. well, i'm a girl and at this time of the month i have every right to be disgustingfied and completely ungirl-like. i woke up this i mean afternoon fully intending to go for my last tutorial but end up running to the toilet to barf instead. grossed out yet?

  4. explain to me, how in my current state, i am going to wash the toilet and vacuum the carpet before tonight's dinner so that when mommy comes to visit, the place at LEAST looks slightly respectable.

  5. boyfriend is completely unsympathetic to all the above grievances. when i messaged him earlier, he calls back to tell me to get my lazy ass outta bed and haul it to uni. and then he hangs up on me so he can get back to work. pah.

  6. sister even more so. this afternoon just before she goes out, she comes to investigate the groaning lump of blankie on my bed. i'm pretty sure she thought i brought some sick animal into the apartment and was trying to hide it from her. she poked the lump which was me, making me scream in retaliation at how cruel she was and how i wished i could just roll over the balcony and die and not be subject to the horrendous torture of her poking me. she proceeds to yell back and tells me basically the same thing justin did: get your lazy ass outta bed and get it to uni!
as such, i am extremely unhappy. i have 4 hours to do all my housework, get some packing done and make myself look good for dinner tonight, which is supposed to be an early birthday celebration for me.



i swear it is.

i turn on the TV and there's ads for skinny leg jeans EVERYWHERE. i hate the fact that i'm broke when i really really want something! just when i made the resolution to not shop so much too :(
lots of packing to do, half my suitcase is filled with my sister's shit.
dinner tomorrow night with the girls :) looking forward to it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The one with the rambly post

so guess what.

i got an email yesterday from Optus telling me that my ebill was ready for viewing. (sigh, bills) i go and check the amount for month and voila! i get whacked over the head with a 200 dollar total. after the initial shock moment, i scratch my head and ask myself whether i did really make that many calls. so this morning i call Optus to ask them about my horrendous bill. this is how the conversation goes:

me: hi, i'm calling to inquire about my bill for last month?
optus lady: yup, could i get your details please?
me: [name, address, date of birth]
optus lady: okay, how can i help you today
me: i'd like a break down of my bill please
optus lady: right. could i pop you on hold for just a moment?
me: sure

annoying optus music plays for about 10 minutes

optus lady: hi! well your total for this month is $181.59
me: yep, i knew that, i just wanted a break down of the charges that were made
optus lady: right. well, your service charges for this month are $51, your call charges are $103...
me: hang on. my service charges are normally $35 dollars.
optus lady: errr. could i pop you on hold for just a moment?

annoying optus music plays for another 10 minutes

optus lady: hi! well it turns out that your smses are all international, and thats not included in your plan, so we charge you extra for them
me: *wtf* okay, are my international calls still being charged the same rate as local calls then?
optus lady: errr. could i pop you on hold for just a moment?

annoying optus music for 15 minutes

optus lady: hi! well, no, your international calls are 66 cents a half minute now
me: thats not what it says on my plan. could you please double check that again?
optus lady: err. could i pop you on hold for just a moment?

annoying optus music for 10 minutes


well. u get the idea. sigh well anyway. i guess i'm stuck with my super horrendous bill (thank goodness for daddy's emergency stash). i don't normally spend this much a month, makes me think that i should probably cap my bill after all. gah.

anyway, i went to the ATM today to draw money and i practically heard my bank account screaming in protest/agony when i did. made me realise i should start saving more. :S if other people can survive on budgets less than mine, i probably should be able to as well. just have to cut down on the shopping...


Monday, September 12, 2005


it's something to wake up one morning and find out that Melbourne's the target of a terrorist threat. at this point it's just a threat though, probably just to remind us about September the 11th, since the tape was released on it's 4th year anniversary. though i would've thought that if the terrorists wanted to attack any place in Australia it would've been Sydney? more city-like, more people, more casualties? my attempt to get into a terrorist mind so not working here.

but anyway, cross your fingers that it won't happen. security in the underground train stations is tight enough nowadays, it'll probably get tighter soon.

sigh i'm still quite upset that McLaren didn't have a 1-2 finish in the Belgian Grand Prix. i swear that team is jinxed this season or something. urf.


the formula one commentator just said the funniest thing i've heard from any race:

'it rained so heavily during the test session that the Red Bull turned into a canoe'


ooh and Kimi Raikonnen won the Belgium grand prix. double haha :D

i am so not going to make it to Chinese class tomorrow, sugar overdrive. yep, my krispy kremes are here :D

Sunday, September 11, 2005

krispykrispykrispy kreme!

wheeeeeeeeeeee!!! in about an hour i shall have my krispy kremes and then i shall go into a sugar induced orgasm because they aree sooooo good. why can't we get them in melbourne? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!!!

anyway! huhu :P went for a haircut today and tried out this new garnier highlighting kit. didn't wanna spend 400 ringgit highlighting my hair back home and my sister was 'dying' to test it on someone.

got it from priceline for like 14 bucks. am quite happy with the results actually but my sister didn't highlight the back bits enough. hrm.

and in case u havent done the math, haircut + new highlights = cam whoring day. i'm vainnyyyy vainyyy vainnyy and also quite hyper :P

i thinkk i looveee youuu so what am i sooo afraid of

poofy hair. bah. guess i didnt blowdry it well enough?



Saturday, September 10, 2005


what is up with these thunderstorms?

my internet connection died and we ran out of dvds to watch so i ended up in my bed with a book and a cup of honey.

didn't go for charlie and the chocolate factory yesterday so ended up going this afternoon.

these are the weirdest movie tickets i've ever seen. the second one isn't even printed properly and the first one says that that price of the tickets is $0.00. the wilbur wonka bits were weird, but i didnt expect them to follow the book anyway. it was pretty good otherwise, kept me entertained. johnny depp fit the part soooo well, weird actor to fit weird character. whee :D

saw the preview for harry potter and the goblet of fire, definitely going to catch it when it comes out.

was on chapel street the whole day with my sister looking for a present for my mom. its so difficult finding something she'd like and not criticize. settled for rose bath salts from jurlique seeing as how she has the new jacuzzi in her bathroom and everything.

the shop lady couldn't wrap the bottle for me (whatt?!) but she said she could put it in a nice paper bag and tie a ribbon around it. so tada!!

my sister's still looking for her 'perfect' present. she's deciding between a jigsaw top and a pair of midas heels. like i said, shopping for my mum is difficult :P

hur hur. went to pancake parlour to reward ourselves. it's sooo fucking pricey but damn the ice cream sodas there are really good :P