Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloweeny!

woohoo! i got back alive!!

it was a really great weekend, perfect weather and everything. the only downside i have to this is that parts of my body are still protesting painfully from the 4 hour hike to the Pinnacle yesterday but at least i'm in one piece! was expecting to leave at least one body part back at the mountain but thank goodness i got away with two bruises and a (really deep) nick in my knuckle.

i've put the pics in collages so u can view a few at the same time (all hail Picasa!)

packed bags and me before departure and the dogs along the way, trying to see who could look the most bored. the towel was to keep shinju from drooling buckets all over me. poor things were stuck in the boot for the whole time.

it was about an hours drive from St Kilda to Gav's mums farm in Geelong. we got there about 9ish, it was already really dark. had some dinner and then headed to this place called Oakdene to get some desert. i forgot my camera that night but omg desert there was REALLY good. anybody who goes to Geelong should go to Oakdene!!! we had brioche donuts, rhubarb crumble and pistachio panacotta. it was quite pricey though, like 14-16 dollars for one desert.

Gav's step dad used to play for Geelong Footy Club but he's retired now and he runs a business and the farm together with his mom and their son.

the farm was REALLY unique, especially the house which was made out of mud and bottles (i kid you not) it was surrounded by really nice flowers and stuff, most of which were in bloom. we woke up at 6 the next morning cause it was gonna be a long drive to the Grampians but Gav managed to show me around before we left. they even have a dam behind the house!!!

you can see all the bottles sticking out from the front of the house and from the top floor next to the windows, the top right is a picture of a bottle sticking out of the wall in our room.

they had heaps of animals too, cows, a goat and her kids, horses, chickens and ducks. apparently the male goats were too horny and the female goat they had was giving birth to 2-3 kids every year so they gave all the males ones away. the deer (in the photo) had also tried to hump Gav once. he butted Gav in the ass and tried to mount him lol!!! the horse got scared off by the flash from my camera and wouldn't come near me after that.

i'm sorrry horse :(

Gav's mum was worried about the kid cause it wasn't eating so well so she shooed us (me, Gav, Shinju and Shep) away from the pen so she could try to get it to feed.

hah all of us in the car. Gav refused to take a photo cause he hadnt brushed his teeth that morning. it was really cold on the way too cause it started raining. (yes i am aware that my big teeth are sticking outta my mouth hmpf)

it was such a looong trip. my butt and teeth were majorly cramped by the time we got there and all i had to look at during the entire drive were CLOUDS and GRASS. hmpf.

did you know that there is a One Tree Hill road in Ararat?!?!

cool eh?? :D

we reached the Grampians about 11pm and parked our car at the base of the mountain so we could hike up.

*cries* can you believe I had to climb all the way up that monster?

my sister practically bounded up with no problems but me, who hasn't done serious exercise in about 5 years almost died on the way up. there wasn't even a proper path up! it was all just rocks and more rock.

and ewwwwwww!! heaps of black lizards! (Gav, farm boy, even told me that they were called blue tongue lizards)

stupid buggers. so many of them some more.

we reached quarter point and i had to stop for ages cause i was almost dead by then (thats how outta shape i was) Gav and my sister, in the mean time, pigged out siao on the ham and cheese sandwiches we packed earlier that day.

by the way, there are not many photos of me because i was all hot and sweaty and i refused to take photos cause i would look all tomato-ish and shiny and oily in them. vain me, i know :P

the view from quarter way was really nice though so i took some pics of sis and Gav (damn pai seh, i was like a light bulb the whole trip)

there was this really cool bit of overhanging rock and a sort of cave underneath it which was really cool. we stopped there for a break too for me to catch my breath. hahahha in one of those photos Gav is actually scratching his butt but then that bits been cut out. hmpf.

can you believe we had to climb UP those rocks? *cries even more* i honestly almost couldn't make it. i had been wearing the wrong shoes and there was a stream running through the rocks which i had accidentally stepped in so my shoes had no grip. almost slipped down a few times but thank goodness Gav was there to help me.

anyway, that pic was taken about three quarter ways up. was too out of breath to keep grabbing my camera so i missed some pretty good shots on the way up but dont worry!! i got all the cool rock formations on the way down.


okay. so the view was really worth it.

sigh :) complaining aside, i was quite glad i didnt stop halfway (like i originally planned to) and made it all the way to the top. was a pretty great achievement for me, i've never climbed up a mountain before.

the rock formations were so cooooooool!!!!!

some of the brochures called the mountain an 'elephant hide' or something. can really see why :P

i hope you guys can see now why i'm achy and tired.

anyway, the climb down was HEAPS easier. took us half the time and we only stopped once. haha there was this couple behind us all the way, i think they were Vietnamese or whatever but the girl and guy both spoke in Aussie accents. anyway!

i was manouevering my way over a slippery rock and Gav was watching me in case i slipped when i heard this sneeze behind me. i sorta couldn't look back and keep my balance at same time so i got off the rock i was on and looked and saw the girl sitting down on the rock but i didn't think too much of it until i reached Gav and he was looking over my shoulder sorta quizically and i asked him why and he said:

'zhi eh char boh, puak toh zhiu pang pui'

he said it with this super serious face and i sorta looked behind and started laughing my ass off.(for none Hokkien speakers, it means that girl, she slipped and farted) and for the rest of the way down, Gav kept making fun about how she clenched her butt to keep from slipping up lol.

Gav and my sis went to MacKenzie falls after we reached the bottom but i honestly couldn't stand another hike so i stayed in the car. they took some pictures for me though.

we got back from the Grampians about 9pm and i got some dinner, took a shower and plonked straight into bed, was almost dead of exhaustion.

this morning, we woke up about 1030 and went around the farm for a bit. they have 2 dogs there that are sooo cute.

meet Chaisen and Simba!!! Simba's a Jack Russel mix Maltese and Chaisen's a Doberman. Gav's mom actually asked whether i wanted to take Simba home cause he's too destructive for a farm dog. other dogs chase the rabbits but apparently Simba actually goes INTO the rabbit holes to get them.

Gav and my sis had to give Shep and Shinju a bath before we started off for Melbourne because apparently they had both been into the dam (i THOUGHT shinju looked a bit greenish when we got back from the Grampians) and Shinju had rolled around in cow poo.

the poor dog was completely wiped out from 2 nights at a farm. he'd been running around quite a bit and when we got out to the garden in the morning he was too tired to even get up and greet us.

Gav chained him to the deck so he wouldn't run around while he was being showered.

*snicker* Gav's getup to wash Shinju.

poor boy. he looks right miserable doesnt he? immediately after this photo was taken, he got off his butt and started shaking so i ran away before i could i get wet.

i only went back when it was safe to (ie, when shinju was getting dried off) haha.

sigh i absolutely fell in love with Simba, wish i could really take him home with me to the apartment. deaaaaaaaaaaaaaarr can i get himmm pleeeeeeeeaseee? :(

he was so extremely affectionate (and dirty) and soooo cute. I WANNNTTT :( *sniffles*

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Daylight saving tomorrow!

prepare to lose an hour folks!!

am going to spend the night in Geelong (soooo far away!) with my sis and her boyfriend tonight and tomorrow morning we're gonna be going to the Grampians (even further away!!) for a hiking trip.

this should be fun!! provided i dont die halfway up the mountain, sprain an ankle or get bitten by a snake/spider.

*sob sob* no computers for the rest of my weekend until my return to civilisation on sunday night/monday morning.

have a good weekend (or whats left of it) guys!

Friday, October 28, 2005

sick cycle carousel

我们不快乐 快乐後不再快乐
就在最后的一秒 抱了 吻了 哭了
快乐不快乐 沒什么快不快乐
就在最后的一秒 我们的关系 就这样了

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Three Monkeys

Char, me and Wennie in Union House trying to see who's tongue turned the pinkest from the raspberry fairy floss.

i think i win hands down lor :D lol!


My top 10 'awww' worthy lines from songs: (in no particular order)

  1. 'there must be an angel with a smile on her face, when she thought up that i should be with you, but it's time to face the truth, i will never be with you'

    James Blunt - You're Beautiful

  2. 'from the first time i met you, what could i do but pray for the strength to see this one through..'

    Sister Hazel - Hopeless

  3. 'and here i go losing my control, i'm practicing your name so i can say it to your face, it doesn't seem right to look you in the eye, let all the things you mean to me come tumbling out my mouth'

    Bic Runga - Sway

  4. 'seindah malam ini, lazimnya tiada tandingan, sehingga ku pandang wajah mu, hilanglah perasaan hiba dari hati ini, terpadam rindu, bila kau kembali, bila kau kembali nanti'

    Innuendo - Nanti

  5. 'i'm never speaking up again, it only hurts me, i'd rather be a mystery than she desert me'

    John Mayer - My Stupid Mouth

  6. 'while i'm gone, just be a fly on the wall you know, i'm thinking about you, just wait and see you gotta hear what i say, i'm in love with you, i'm not so far away'

    Thirsty Merc - Someday, Someday

  7. '只怕我自己回愛上妳 不敢让自已靠的太近, 怕我沒什么能给你 愛妳也许要很大的勇气'

    Harlem Yu - Qing Fei De Yi

  8. 'the lights go out the bridge is burnt once you go you can't return, but i'm still here, remember how you used to say i'd be the one to run away, but i'm still here'

    Vertical Horizon - I'm Still Here

  9. 'and i'd give up forever to touch you, cause i know that you feel me somehow, you're the closest to heaven that i'll ever be and i dont wanna go home right now'

    Goo Goo Dolls - Iris

  10. ' 分散时间的注意 这次会抱得更紧, 这样挽留不知 还来不来得及'

    Zhou Jie Lun - Hui Dao Guo Qu

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Oh for Pete's sake...

first it was the blog war between Malaysians and Singaporeans.

then it was inflamatory racist remarks.

right now? it's the issue of the right to use public toilets for the disabled.

my my, the number of [Xiaxue] haters seems to be rising everyday.

i'm really not a huge fan of the girl myself but people are seriously taking this too far lar. so the girl got angry at someone for screaming at her brother for using a disabled toilet. i would too. and i randomly swear at heaps of people a day on behalf of other people especially if they are boyfriend/sister/parent. but it's no reason for you to write to her sponsors and tell them to drop her, sob stories about single parent incomes regardless.

no i'm not defending her, i think she needs to learn to be responsible for her words especially since so many people read her blog everyday and she absolutely KNOWS that every remark she makes can be used against her. but what those people are doing is just downright low and sneaky. if everyone is so concerned abt who is using those toilets then why dont you petition for MORE disabled public toilets instead of petitioning to cut off part of someone's income?

for her, it's not a matter of 'I SAY WHAT I WANT IF YOU DONT LIKE IT FUCK OFF', that's just being rude. you have to learn respect for others, disabled, Arab, Malaysian. and when people tell you it's wrong, you don't spout more profanities goodness. you say 'i'm sorry, i was wrong, i apologize to partys involved' and hope that people don't come after you with a big fat stick.

basically its okay (even rare in our education system) for someone to have an opinion, as long as its expressed with respect and responsibility.

my two cents? yeah i've used a disabled toilet and no in my 19 years of life have never been scolded for using one. i admit i'd be rather shocked if someone DID scold me for using one too and i WOULD probably come home and blog about it.

assignments assignments and more assignments

Image taken from

isn't it ironic that the day we study womens liberation in global politics is the day that [Rosa Park dies]?

it's such a gloomy day outside today, the kind of day where you don't feel like doing much, just sitting on a couch and idly flip channels on a tv instead of being stuck in a computer lab full of students debating solutions to assignments on the top of their lungs.

the bulk of my assignments has been handed in, at the end of this week i'll have finished my second semester back in Melbourne and SWOT VAC will begin. i still have a lot to do though, Chinese Listening Test on Thursday, Chinese Oral Presentation on Friday, Global Politics essay topics coming out during SWOT VAC week and to be handed in the Monday after along with my Creative Writing 3000 word folio. After that it's my Terrorism Essay and then finally, my first and last exam, Chinese.

i wish i could be more productive and finish up the bulk of the readings i'll need to get done for my essays but i'm not in the working mood just yet. it's that time of the year again where everyone's stressed outta their pants and i'm still sorta just wasting time doing stupid things like baking brownies.

ugh. i hate rainy days. they always make me go all moody.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

The one with the lovely gentleman...and a not so lovely one after

sigh guess what?

i have finally found the perfect man.

and his name is Mr. Darcy :) *swoons dreamily*

unfortunately (sigh) he will only exist in books and on screen. but i did spend a good 2 hours in the cinema drooling over how perfect he was. he sounded more chivalrous in the book but i guess actually being able to SEE what Mr. Darcy looks like sorta helped.

(if you havent already realised, i finally watched Pride and Prejudice)

also saw the preview for Narnia and Harry Potter 4 which are definite must watches for me at the end of the year.

anyway, after that me, gavin and girlie went to Chapelli's to have a very late dinner after the movie during which i learnt that guys can have two kinds of wedgies??? one's the normal kind of wedgie and hte other one's called a Melvin. (just outta curiosity do Melvins know that there's a wedgie called a Melvin?) and when i asked gav what a Melvin was, this is what he said:

'its when you know!!! ngor liap at one side!' accompanied with very visual hand gesticulations.

*none hokkien speakers, i dont know how to translate ngor liap for you without it sounding impossibly crude, for those who can understand mandarin it's 两里*

i proceed to stare at him somewhat blankly before getting his meaning and bursting into laughter while girlie slapped his arm and went 'GAVIN!' and he protested with a 'whaaat?! SHE ASKED!'

and i admit i did :P

it was all very educational but REALLY! any guy that subjects himself to the torture of wearing jocks (i shall refrain from calling them tighty whities) fully deserves getting Melvins.

so please catch my diseaaaaase :D

*ehem hem*

because of my last post i have been accused of several things by many of my so called friends *glares* and i have decided that the time has come for me to defend myself. and perhaps explain why i'm being unfairly accused of being hateful, spiteful, sadistic and bitchy.

first of all, i dont HATE him. hate is such a strong word! in fact, i don't hate anything *cough* except perhaps anything that has an exoskeleton. actually come to think of it, i hate things that don't fit under the category of 'mammal'. my feelings for that particular ex can't be considered HATE. it's more like violent dislike :D

secondly, i'm not mean or bitchy okay! i reserve those words for when i'm having PMS and every snotty nosed kid on those damned roller shoes that happens to have the misfortune to cross my path ends up sprawled on the pavement calling for their mommy. when i'm commenting on something thats factual like 'omg he's such an ah beng' or 'holy shit, look at those tree trunks she calls legs', i am being HONEST. *rummages around for angel faced emoticon*

thirdly, i'm not sadistic!! i believe in karma (somewhat). i think what goes around, comes around and i'm very amazingly glad that it happened in his case. those people who know the amazingly lengthy story of what happened between us would agree with me on that point. i like bad things happening to bad people, it's really not a crime. i'm sure all of you have wished for an anvil of some sorts to drop on the head of a tutor that's pissed you off at some time or other. this is what i call perfectly normal human emotions.

last of all, i'm not spiteful. or actually. i might be. just a little bit. so i have no defense for that. it's not one of my more endearing traits but not everyone is perfect so everyone will just have to allow for me to be spiteful sometimes. i promise i wont be if i like you or am on friendly terms with you :D

a lot of the other things random people on MSN (who i didnt know read my blog) said was that i was being entirely judgemental bla bla bla. okay so i admit i can be judgemental.

my my, this is turning into a character bashing session isnt it.

anyway, back to judgemental. WHO DOESNT JUDGE LAR. everyone does it. when you see a person on the train that happens to be dressed from head to toe in prada, you think: RICH BRAT. THATS judging too. and when you read my post, and said i was being judgemental, THATS JUDGING TOO ISNT IT? i just happen to be extremely good - or to put it more modestly - relatively accurate at judging people from the first time i meet them. which is why people often take me for stand offish and extremely rude from first meetings because i'm quiet and i dont say much.

i have to admit that sometimes i have been wrong about people but its only because i have been fed wrong/biased information about that person from someone else so if ur an enemy of a very close friend, there's seriously very little chance i will want to get to know you or even give you the chance to get to know me even though you may be a perfectly nice person.

in further defense of my last post, i believe, i called it creative vindictiveness. (right jason?)

yes, i can be all of those things above (including other things like vindictive, socially awkward, extremely stuck up) but that post was seriously just meant for that one person although i doubt he'd ever read it so we'll just leave it at that.

okay. it's 1AM and i'm done explaining myself now.

Friday, October 21, 2005

browsing through friendster...

i remember when you broke me and the reasons why, so now when i look at you and then at her, i hope you feel the pain i felt ten fold. i hope you lie awake at night like i did wondering what you did wrong, wondering if you will ever stop crying and most of all, wondering what you so obviously lack in comparison to him.

i hope you see them when you are out someday and see how happy they are. the anger and hurt you feel is what i feed off. i hope in some part of your mind you realise how pathetic you seem to me, how your pretentious bullshit only annoys me and makes me glad that we are no longer together.

i realise now the sacrifices i made for you were stupid, i wonder why i never listened to all the people that tried to shake me to some semblence of common sense. you would have never fit into my world, i wouldn't have deigned to stoop low enough to fit into yours. you see yourself on some all mighty throne, lording it over your friends, your ego easily matching the size of China. no wonder she left you, i wonder why i didnt.

the difference between you and me is that i was saved. when that day comes when you are too, know that i will still hate you and though you may see a smile on my face and hear my well wishes, know that i bear you all the ill will in the world.

in the mean time, i hope you continue falling until you hit rock bottom. you should know that sometimes i pray you end up spending your life in a cess pool, that the pain you feel now will never cease. beware the girl you scorned for though i may seem friendly, i would sooner bite off my toes than fall over myself trying to gain your favour ever again.


i was walking down to Coles when some black guy spots me from across the road and came up to me with this smirk on his face and goes 'how you doing?' he stops right in my path and proceeds to look me up and down. i side step him and walk past but not without him shouting 'BITCH'


it really never ceases to amaze me how disgusting guys can get sometimes.

anyway, talked to my dad last night and he said that the Shanghai trip he and my mom had been planning for next week has been postponed to the end of November. this means only 2 things:

  1. i'm going to shanggghaiiiii :D yayy! my dad's probably wanting me to go so i can practice my Chinese (我可以讲华语!) and he also probably wants me to go to check out art pieces with my mom while we're there but i will probably be able to sneak off to do some shopping!!

    plus i kinda like my dad's business partner in China cause he's different from the rest of the skanky old men who drink like fish and think it's alright to cheat on their wives.

  2. since she's free next week, my mom will probably come down to Melbourne so i guess for the next few weeks i will not be very happy as she'll be nagging about exams and assignments but on the bright side, I GET TO EAT GOOD FOOD :D
it's such a gloomy day outside, thunderstorms have been forecasted for today and tomorrow. it's a really nice day to just curl up indoors to reread Hannibal with a really BIG cup of hot chocolate and some brownies.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

all hail the nameless prince?

Image taken from

yay! new royal baby. i have to admit i was avidly watching the bit of the news (in between CSI:NY and the Apprentice) when they left the hospital and was going 'wheee new baby!' the whole time.

however i dont get the whole Australian fuss about the baby. the princess is no longer an Australian citizen cause renouncing her citizenship was a condition of her marrying the prince. So the baby is in no way Australian or half Australian, tassie devils sent to copenhagen zoo or not. (by the way, how are a pair of smelly rats an appropriate present for a birth?)

i can understand the fuss about a new baby but seriously, why do Australians constantly have to have their hand in EVERYTHING that goes on in the world? inferiority complex maybe?

Monday, October 17, 2005

Living Alone...


it's been 2 weeks since i've started living alone and so far it's been okay! i haven't burned the apartment down yet (which is a good thing by the way) and it has remained relatively clean meaning that the kitchen is still intact (thanks largely in part to the fact that i haven't been cooking)

i'm still haven't been able to decide whether i LIKE having to living without anyone so i've decided to list out the pros and cons.

The Pros:

i get the biggest most comfortable bed in the apartment. that hasn't been made in about a week and a half but that's not the point :P

i ALSO get the en suite bathroom...

which also happens to be the BIGGEST bathroom in the house :D with the biggest hair dryer and the biggest countertop and the bathtub (which i am standing on to take this photo)

i also have complete control of the remote and DVD player instead of having someone to fight it out with. (in case anybody's wondering, that's the Connor guy from Neighbours)

The Cons:

sigh. nobody around to help me with the housework. stupid vacuum *kicks*

ooer. sorta messy living conditions *looks around sheepishly*

i absolutely loathe doing the dishes therefore it tends to pile up before i drag myself to it. no, don't worry, at most i leave it for a day, never more than that.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!! the main reason i hate living alonee!! INSECTS! i found this bugger in the bathroom and have yet to decide how to get rid of it.


maybe i'll use the vacuum cleaner to suck it up.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


is it the day you decide to stay home is the day your hair decides to behave?

should've gone out, the weather was really nice. i bet chapel street was really packed with people shopping and sitting in cafes. blah. i wish more people would stay around this area instead of in the city :/

my mom accidentally (?) banked extra cash into my account. stay quiet about it or tell her that my account seems to be happier and healthier than is usual at this time of the month?


yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :D i have the bestest boyfriend in the world!!! he got me my Aldo Youth AIDS dog tags for me :)

he didn't manage to find 'Speak' so i got 'See' instead.

i think they look heaps better than the wrist bands people have been wearing. can't wait to get them :D

Friday, October 14, 2005

retail therapy.


sore feet, noticeably sad wallet, lots of bags on the floor, price tags on the coffee table, annoying plastic tags all over the carpet. all the signs of a good shopping day out :D

bought quite a bit today whee :D and spent less than a hundred bucks while i was at it too. so you people can go prance around in your 200 dollar bettina liano jeans, 90 dollar mng tops and 600 dollar chloe shoes and i will enjoy my cheap (pardon the pun) thrills :D

jayjays is having a garage sale by the way and everything is REALLY cheap. me and may started off in jayjay's melbourne central and everything i bought today there was under 20 bucks.

started off with a pink top here that was like 10 bucks. then we went on to the one in swanston street which is bigger and has more stuff. :D popped in there for fun but ended up with this tshirt.

haha there was another shirt that said 'Boys are pets, all girls should have one' but the picture on that one was a bit crude and my mom would've chucked a hissy fit so i got this one instead :D may got a shirt that said 'i honestly never liked you to begin with'. lol these tees just crack me up, maybe i'll go back for some more?

bought this from westco on bourke. not entirely happy with the color but have always wanted a baby doll top (thats what my step sister calls it!) so i guess this will have to do in the mean time. it looks good on me anyhoo *prances around*

when to target after that to browse and buy new undies lol but taking pictures of my underthings isnt polite so i'll just leave it at there shall i? :D

whee went to ICE after that and found this. it doesnt look very good in the photo :/ but i swear it looks better on me. saw one like this in topshop back home for 120 odd ringgit but this one was way way cheaper so guess who's happy :D

whee! finally went down chapel street and bought my hoodie.

:D yay! this ought to make up for the hollister one i didn't buy in KL.

sigh what a good way to end my super shitty week. lots and lots of new things to wear and may's spending the night here. so we're gonna watch dvds and pig out the whole night.

very very contented now :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

i. hate.

i hate my fucking gay bastard tutor.

not only did he give me a P for my essay, he told me that if i can't manage doing a second year subject, i shouldn't have picked it up in the first place.very motivational right?!?!?

arghhhh its like officially the first P i've gotten for ANY of my essays, i usually manage to get a H2B. i hate him. stupid pretentious french fag.



*sigh* this week is just getting crappier. optus has just hit me with another whopping bill (i'm going to the optus shop on friday to screw them) and my chinese tutor just emailed all of us to tell us we have a test on friday.

this is completely screwed up. going for a much needed shopping trip with may on friday. need to release stress man.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Potatoes and dragons

internet has been made unbearably slow because i am downloading desperate housewives season 2. it's annoying but auggghhh desperate housewives is just too good to miss out on! have been requested TOLD to burn copies of CDs for those at home too lazy to download it themselves even though they have unlimited bandwidth and are working on much faster speeds than i am. hmpf.

so in the mean time forgive lack of photo posts.

terrorism class test tomorrow.


cant wait till wednesday is over. then bulk of assignments due this week will be gone (but will have to clean house) and i can sit back and relax for a few days before having to prepare for yet another chinese presentation and creative writing workshopping.

woeeee isss meeeeeeee :(

Sunday, October 09, 2005

i have discovered...

that the best way for everyone to know about something that's happened to you is to say these words:

'eh you're not supposed to tell anyone okay?'

within a week, two tops i guarantee you'll have someone rushing up to you with a look of mock concern on their face asking you about it by whispering it in your ear like it's some great conspiracy.

i wonder if this is due to the lack of malaysian ability to keep their mouths shut about something or just that particular group of girls. or maybe they just don't understand the meaning of 'eh, you're not supposed to tell anyone okay?' either way, i'm very annoyed and have vowed never to tell that particular girl anything again.

and the odd thing was, the girl that i told this thing to and the girl that came up to me have a very strained relationship. i honestly was very shocked that this could have happened. tuh.

am also v. annoyed that i have missed another formula 1 race while was down at borders.

tuh i say. TUH.

not sleeping = finished assignments

okie despite not feeling well and not being able to get to sleep i've actually managed to get my Creative Writing assignment done as well as my Global Politics essay! woohoo :D have to start studying for my class test on Tuesday soon and prepare for my politics presentation on wednesday. not forgetting Chinese tutorial work due Monday.

pah. this week is going to be mad.

am going to start watching all the DVDs my step sis loaned me now.

and omg. my dad found out about justin. the sneaky old rat (i AM allowed to call him a rat!!) looked into my camera where i had a photo of me and justin there (ITS INVASION OF PRIVACY I TELL YOU!!! BLASPHEMY!) and then he went running to my sister and asked her about it and she told him ALLLL about us. and to top it all off, he thinks i should introduce justin to mom!


my dad must be very stressed at the office to even have come up with an idea like that.

shall be off to kill myself and then somehow resurrect myself to do all above mentioned work. otherwise will fail second semester and cop it from both mom AND dad which would make things at home very difficult.

right. dvds. bye!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

i <3 Sinju :D

cause he's the cutest bestest lil doggie in the whole wide world!

Friday, October 07, 2005

cheesecake making :D

hee. step sister brought tom yam over yesterday night cause i didn't have anything to eat for dinner. she just packed everything into two tupperwares and even cooked rice for me. whee :D she's gonna pick me up tomorrow morning to go to Vic Mart as well. yay!

it kinda spilt out of the tupperware into the plastic bag.

yum yum yum :D

anyway! made cheesecakes. don't worry i'm not turning into some asian martha stewart. i just sorta made one for my step sister cause she dropped the tomyam over and one more for amal cause i'm supposed to be going over to her place for buka puasa sometime this weekend.

that's everything i used. butter, philadelphia cream cheese, strawberry yoghurt, digestive biscuits and thickened cream.

crush the digestive biscuits first. u need about half a 400g packet, slightly less?

u could do it in a plastic/paper bag if u want but the trouble i have with that is that the sharp ages cut through the plastic/paper and u get crumbs EVERYWHERE. if ur doing it in a bowl though, make it a really deep one cause otherwise u'll get get crumbs everywhere too :S

after ur done with the crushing cut a block of butter about THAT size (it's a 250g bar of butter) and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds to melt it.

pour it with the biscuit crumbs and mix it around really well. u need just enough butter to make it hold but not clumpy!!

pour everything into a pan and pat it down with a spoon really REALLY tightly.

it has to be flat and packed down. noooooooo spaces in between at ALL. then u need to dump that in the fridge for it to set.

while it's in the fridge...

empty a 200g pack yoghurt (whatever flavour you want) into a mixing bowl..

cut half of a 250g block of cream cheese and dump it into the mixing bowl with the yoghurt.

use the blendy thingie to mix it all together. don't worry bout the lumps just yet but get it as smooth as possible.

then add in half a 250g bottle of thickened cream. dont bother whisking it, i just realised that the blendy thingie will do it for u too :P

wheee! mix it all together and u should see ripple type things and the whole mixture should start to thicken. if u dont really like cheesy type tastes (THEN WHY YOU MAKING A CHEESE CAKE DUMBASS?!?!?) put in some vanilla essence. it'll mask the taste somewhat :)

take the base out of the fridge...

and dump everything on it. the mixture CANT be runny. it has to be able to blop like that.

use a spoon and sorta smooth out the top and ur done :D you need to put it back in the fridge for about 4 hours and after that it should set.

yup i'm done being domestic now. this is what boredom on friday night does to you. sigh back to essay. or maybe to bed. bah.